technology_hy@sina.com_0001 - 2004-06-09 mp3 players - hy technology (h.k) co., ltd.
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technology_hy@sina.com_0001 - 2004-06-09 mp3 players - hy technology (h.k) co., ltd.
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Subject: mp3 player only 33 USD for 128M now! We have 30 kinds for your choice!
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30 kinds of USB mp3 players! 128M only 33 USD and we have 512M

We are a professional supplier of mp3 players.

Our price is very competitive:

33 USD for 128M

53 USD for 256M

With direct encoding function, line in function, wireless headset mp3 player, FM radio,
smallest mp3 player in the world, supporting 8 languages mp3 player, car mp3 players, supporting
black lights, all of them we have.

There is no minimum order limit. Even if you order only 10 pieces, we will serve you!

If you need detailed information, please contact us and we will send you the total catalogue with
for you.

Even if you think that our products are not suitable for you, please also write email to us so
that we
will send you the latest price list and catalogue when we push out new products.

Thank you!


HY Technology (H.K) Co., Ltd.

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