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specialfunoffers.com_0001 - 2002-08-03 specialfunoffers.com
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Subject: special fun offers - Refinancing And Have fun At the same Time!!
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Special Fun Offers

03, 2002

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Are you a homeowner with less than perfect credit,
are self -employed, or have been turned down by
other lenders?
In less than a minute, we can help
you get on your way to financial security!
<a href="">
With todays changing times, it only
makes sense to be financially secure. Today, refinancing
your current mortgage and getting extra cash can
be your best solution.

iLoansBrokerage Corporation can help!
**We will design a payment plan
to fit your budget
**Get extra cash in just a few short
**NO lengthy processing time, NO
embarrassing questions, and NO headaches!
**Take advantage of the lowest mortgage
rates in almost 20 years!
<a href="">
iLoansBrokerage has helped thousands
of people just like you to get the money they need.
Let us help you too! - well work with your individual
situation and offer you an affordable payment plan.
These benefits can be yours:
· Consolidate first and second
mortgages into one low monthly payment
· Pay off high interest credit
cards, installment loans or other debts
· Get the extra cash to remodel
your home and increase its value
· Take advantage of one of
the last remaining interest expense tax deductions**
This is a limited time offer! There
is no obligation, and your information is strictly
confidential. Youre moments away from securing a
stronger financial future!
Click on the link below to take
the first step to YOUR financial security!
<a href="">
** Consult your tax advisor regarding
your individual situation
Equal opportunity lender. All loans
are subject to credit approval. Minimum loan amount
is $35,000.
When you decide to take advantage
of a iLoansBrokerage home equity loan, there will
be some appraisal, title search fees and other costs,
but it costs you nothing to get all the details
and apply.

<a href="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/jokes/mental.cfm"><img src="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/mailblast/mental_sm.gif" width="76" height="76" border="0">

Thanks for calling

Mental Health Hotline.

<a href="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/jokes/physics.cfm"><img src="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/mailblast/physmaj_sm.gif" width="76" height="76" border="0">

You might be a

physics major if...
<a href="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/jokes/nudes.cfm"><img src="http://www.specialfunoffers.com/mailblast/statues_sm.gif" width="76" height="76" border="0">

Two nude statues

get their wish.


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