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randbad_0005 - 2002-07-24 stock alert / randbad / nouce1.com
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Subject: OTCBB: GTWY Acquisition Strategy ADV

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COLOR="#000000" SIZE="+4" FACE="Engravers MT"> ALERT




TRSG (traded under the symbol TSGO) is a subsidiary
of GTWY. All information regarding TRSG is in direct
relation to GTWY.

Gateway Distributors LTD Acquisition Strategy

Contact: Rick Bailey President/CEO 702-938-9316


GTWY (OTCB: GTWY) GTWY has announced that the company
is pursuing several acquisition in industry related business.
The company will expand its business to include network marketing,
retail, and manufacturing. Bailey says, "GYWY"
is positioning the company to bring wellness into the household
through the use of nutritional products, create business opportunities,
and have cost effective products in the market." The company
will concentrate on capturing market share and compete with companies
such as: NuSkin, (NYSE: NUS) Herbalife. (NASDQ: HERBB)
and Wild Oat (NASDAQ: OATS)


- GTWY has undergone significant financial restructuring
and projects that 2002 earnings will greatly exceed their previous
financial performance in 2001 and sales will be in excess of
$4,000,000 dollars.

- GTWY has recently brought to market Fulvic Factor,
perhaps the rarest nutrient rich substance found on Earth. For
centuries this natural remedy has been known as the Destroyer
of Weakness and Builder of Strength.

- GTWY has effectively implemented a new Every One
Wins Compensation Plan that will give everyone an opportunity
to own his or her own home base business with minimal overhead

- All software updates have been completed and operating

Gateway Distributors LTD<TABLE WIDTH="281"



 52 Week High:


 52 Week Low:


 Current Price:


- Product Inventory is in the warehouse and paid for.

- Developed a distributor base of over 90,000,000 distributors
with 5,000 actively buying on an ongoing basis.


Rick Bailey founded TRSG in 1997 with a vision to produce
the highest quality nutritional supplements and to make them
available to all walks of life. TRSG has recently expanded
its market from nutritional supplements to that of skin care
items, personal care items, and biological disease detection
products. Furthermore, TRSG has expanded globally by establishing
bearings in the very lucrative Japanese and Russian markets.
Throughout the incredible growth that TRSG has undergone
since its establishment five years ago they have never lost sight
of their original standards of highest quality and continual
development of new and innovative products that will lead the
health industry into the future. TRSG has a highly qualified
and prestigious medical board led by Dr. Michael Hartman in order
to assure the most effective and the safest products possible.


The company continues to identify opportunities
to raise equity, which will be used to accelerate growth initiatives.
To date, the Company is reviewing several business purchase opportunities
to determine the most favorable for both shareholders and the
Company. The Company is projecting to have retail business in
several locations over the next twelve months.

The momentum we established has created a great deal of interest
in the industry, which will allow us our fair share of the market.


 <FONT COLOR="#0000ff"

Through its intensive financial restructuring and devotion
to the continual innovation of products, GTWY is headed
for a bright future. GTWY has recently recruited respected
members of the medical world to head up their projects who will
allow them to develop the scientifically most beneficial products
in the area of nutritional and dietary supplements.

With the already extensive network that GTWY has in
place around the world, the highly skilled management team and
the highly innovative researchers who continue to create and
envision in a changing world, GTWY is a company that only
has bigger and better things to come.



A number of statements contained in this press
release are forward-looking statements which are made pursuant
to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995. These forward looking statements involve
a number of risks and uncertainties, including the timely development,
and market acceptance of products and technologies, competitive
market conditions, successful integration of acquisitions and
the ability to secure additional sources of financing. The actual
results that GTWY may achieve could differ materially from any
forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.

Stockwatch Alert provides
information on selected companies that it believes has investment
potential. Stockwatch Alert is not a registered investment advisor
or broker - dealer. This report is provided as an information
service only, and the statements and opinions in this report
should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or
sell any security. Stockwatch Alert accepts no liability for
any loss arising from an investors reliance on or use of this
report. An investment in GTWY is considered to be highly speculative
and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete
loss of investment. Stockwatch Alert has been retained to distribute
this report on GTWY and has been paid $15k US Funds and 15k free
trading shares by a third party. This report involves forward
looking statements, which involve risk, and uncertainties that
may cause actual results to differ materially from those set
forth in the forward - looking statements. For further details
concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings
of GTWY including the companys most recent annual and quarterly

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