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quickfileupload.com_0001 - 2006-09-23 quickfileupload.com - quickfileupload.com mailto:domainlistingagent.com 858-731-1701
From newsletter@quickfileupload.com Sat Sep 23 10:54:46 2006 [2006-09-23 10:54:46 15903]
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From: "QuickFileUpload.com"<newsletter@quickfileupload.com>
Subject: Enjoy our new free file upload service. 500 MB, no space or bandwidth limitation and no registration
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 08:08:06 -0700
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Quick File Upload - free file hosting / sharing, backup your mp3's, videos, documents, pictures and more

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We have the pleasure to announce you that a new free file upload site opened his gates this week online. Please don't treat this message as spam because we won't force you to buy anything or do any things that you hate, we just want to tell you that you can enjoy our file upload system for free. Backup your mp3's, videos, images, documents and any other files that you want to share it with your friends. You don't need to install any adititional software or spyware plug-ins, you only need your browser to do the job.
We thought to limit the service temporarily to 500 MB, in our opinion seems a reasonable offer. If this service is appreciated in the future , we will raise it to a minimum 1 GB of space. There aren't any other kind of limitations like bandwidth, storage, waiting times or other things that will give you headaches. Below is a short summary of what we can offer to you:

NO WAITING TIME before you can download your files. Simple upload your file(s) then save the links needed to save your files in the future or share them with your friends on forums, chat, blogs, etc. so they can download it immediately.
NO BANDWIDTH LIMITATION . Your files can be downloaded daily unlimited because there isn't any kind of traffic limitation and we would like to keep this service free forever.
LIFETIME STORAGE. Your files are stored forever, however, if your files are not downloaded at least once in 60 DAYS (2 months) they are removed by the system.
Host any type of files you want: audio/video files, pictures, documents, software and so on

You can enjoy our free file hosting service at <a href="http://www.QuickFileUpload.com/">www.QuickFileUpload.com
Thanks for paying attention in reading this message. You will no longer hear from us via e-mail.



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