powercrystals-manager.de_0001 - 2003-06-02 inexplicably weird - mailto:powercrystals@manager.de
Stupid spam

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powercrystals-manager.de_0001 - 2003-06-02 inexplicably weird - mailto:powercrystals@manager.de
Return-path: acc@bahn.de Fri May 30 05:06:23 2003 [2003-05-30 05:06:23 3243]
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Subject: Do You Hate You Life? wzlydwp rdsi
Date: Fri, 30 May 03 22:52:43 GMT
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Have you really, really, really been hurt to the point where your live is a living hell?

~ Has somebody or something drastically altered your life? ~
~ Would you give anything to take back your stolen life? ~
~ What if there was a way to undo all done to you for $100,000? ~

What I am referring to is something which is well covered up from the general public!
I have access to the way, and need just one single person to work with. I hold the knowledge and the sources to help both of us but simply lack the funding required.
While money cannot buy you true love or guaranteed health, it can buy you the chance to relive your entire life back over again IF YOU KNEW THE TOP SECRET INFORMATION, AND SOURCES WHICH I AND VERY, VERY, VERY, FEW KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT!!

This is your one and only chance to live life over, and take control over
what was stolen from you. Mentally stable open minded individuals a must!
Someone close to the Boston area is preferred. This is extremely confidential information! There are some very important training requirements required as to avoid causing a disturbance as I will discus with you.

If you want your life back, and have the funding to work with me I GUARANTEE IT WILL SAVE BOTH YOUR LIFE AS WELL AS MINE!

Please email a brief description of your situation, along with your name, phone #, and best time to reach you to me at: powercrystals@manager.de

Please do not reply directly back to this email as it will only be bounced=
back to you

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