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otc_newsletter_0010 - 2003-02-12 investments - otc bb cbyi mailto:goneforgood@btamail.net.cn
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Passenger Safety is #1 PriorityA:link {TEX-DECORATION: none}A:active {TEXT-DECORATION: none}A:visited {TEXT-DECORATION: none}A:hover {COLOR: #0033ff; TEXT-DECORATION: underline}OTC
Discover Tomorrow's Winners 
Urgent Notice
Cost of Airport Security Soaring

By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY
The Transportation Security Administration expects to pay as much as $211 million a month for passenger screening services from private firms.  Congress initially funded the TSA with $1.3 billion.  The Bush administration is seeking $4.4 billion more to carry the agency through September 30.

Safety Sector Company in High Demand

With about 3,000 airport bomb-scanning systems in use worldwide, the capability of Cal-Bay's (OTCBB: CBYI) pattern recognition technology and its portability makes it ideal for airport security (including aircraft cargo bays, baggage handling, and passenger scans).  Cal-Bay has developed a strategic alliance with another company that will provide an entry into the explosives-detection market for the military, which has significant potential for growth.

Analyst "Meehan Capital Management" says CBYI is undervalued

Analyst Rating:       Long-Term Speculative Buy
Recent Price:         22 cents
12-Month Target:   $2.50
24-Month Target:   $5.00

More Reasons to Invest in CBYI

Cal-Bay Receives Major Purchase Order of over $250,000 from St. Gobain Containers of Muncie, Ind.
Cal-Bay Joins GoNow.com financial network.  GoNow.com will provide PPM coverage on Cal-Bay. Through GoNow.com strategic relationship with FreeTrade by Ameritrade, shareholders can buy or sell CBYI stock commission free.  There are no account fees, transaction costs, or monthly charges.

Put CBYI on your Watch List. Aquire a position commission free today!

Our Subscribers Get In and Out and Profit Like the Pro's!

Congratulations to our subscribers who took action on our recommendation to buy EMCS. It rallied and is holding steady at $7.00, a 330% profit!

Certain statements contained in this news release may be forward-looking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by such terms as "expect", "believe", "may", "will", and "intend" or similar terms. We are NOT a registered investment advisor or a broker dealer. This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities. No recommendation that the securities of the companies profiled should be purchased, sold or held by individuals or entities that learn of the profiled companies. We were paid $27,000 in cash by a third party to publish this report. Investing in companies profiled is high-risk and use of this information is for reading purposes only. If anyone decides to act as an investor, then it will be that investor's sole risk. Investors are advised NOT to invest without the proper advisement from an attorney or a registered financial broker. Do not rely solely on the information presented, do additional independent research
to form your own opinion and decision regarding investing in the profiled companies. Be advised that the purchase of such high-risk securities may result in the loss of your entire investment. Not intended for recipients or residents of CA,CO,CT,DE,ID, IL,IA,LA,MO,NV,NC,OK,OH,PA,RI,TN,VA,WA,WV,WI. Void where prohibited. The owners of this publication may already own free trading shares in CBYI and may immediately sell all or a portion of these shares into the open market at or about the time this report is published. Factual statements are made as of the date stated and are subject to change without notice.  Copyright c 2002=OTC=
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