otc_bb_0009 - 2003-02-01 investment - otc bb - msgl
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otc_bb_0009 - 2003-02-01 investment - otc bb - msgl
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Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2003 11:58:54 -2000

NASDAQ OTC BULLETIN BOARD Medical Technology Sector

MSGL - MicroSignal Corporation
Creating the NEW MR Imaging Standard for the 21st Century

Recommendation: BUY OTCBB - MSGL (Symbol: MSGL)
MicroSignal Corporation

MRI Scanning Software Systems Mfr's Groundbreaking Upgrade
Allows 10X more Resolution, at 10% of the cost of a new

Proven existing market of $1.3B for this product. The
product is patented, FDA approved and currently just
beginning to be implemented at many major institutions.
The software allows for MRI resolutions of up to 1.3
Tesla's compared to existing clarity of .5 Tesla's.

Patient time in machine reduced by up to 50% with digital
images immediately available, film images also printed in
less time.

War Jitters Trading Profit Alert!
You Could Make A Fortune In the Next Few Months! Take it
from the team that helped investors turn $10,000 into
$310,000 in less than 6-months.

Investors who are still making money in the stock market
are those who know what stocks are in play or stocks about
to be promoted/syndicated. By now you probably realize that
stocks don?t just go up but are pushed upby brokerage firms
that give companies exposure and analyst coverage. In
short, they promote them! To make money an investor needs
to buy at the beginning of the PUSH and sell within a
60-day period.

We report on which stocks are being pushed and at what
price levels to buy and sell at. Our current pick, OTCBB:
MSGL is poised to move quickly with solid fundamentals,
excellent news to be released continually over the next
several weeks and a full-blown exposure campaign and
promotion underway.

Trading Symbol----------MSGL
Exchange Listing--------NASDAQ OTCBB
Capital Structure-------Total Float/DTC 5.8M
of which 4 million are tightly held/friendly
Recent High-------------$0.40
Recent Low--------------$0.08
30-day Avg Volume-------40,000
30-day price target-----$0.50

Listed Medical Technology MRI Software Company

MSGL: Developers of a Revolutionary MRI upgrade software
package (currently being implemented in facilities across
the U.S.) that produces images with up to 10X more clarity
and resolution than standard MRI processing software at a
fraction of the price.

MSGL's ground-breaking SLICES software manipulates raw
data matrices obtained through the MRI scanning process.
Through the use of advanced calculations (MicroSignal's
EXACT method), SLICES is able to produce images that boast
up to 10 times more clarity and resolutions than standard
MRI processing software.

In addition to superior image quality, and because of the
method of processing, SLICES? is able to significantly
reduce patient scan time and the need for patient call
backs and rescanning. These factors also can contribute
to a reduction in film consumption of up to 40%. At the
end of 2002, there were approximately 10,500 MRI (magnetic
resonance imaging) systems installed worldwide. While
changes in medical reimbursement have slowed the sale of
new MRI machines, there has been an ever-increasing demand
for improved image quality and reduced patient scan time;
thus there has been a tremendous need for products that can
improve patient throughput and image quality. OTCBB: MSGL
has solved this problem with its low cost software that
upgrades existing installed MRI systems to the quality of
a new machine at a savings of approximately $1.4 million
per machine.

The total estimated market for this system is in excess
of $1.3B. NASDAQ OTCBB: MSGL is expected to capture
approximately 40% of this market within 3 years, resulting
in revenues of approximately $500 million, with a Net
Margin of approximately 35%, or over $100 million in

Other medical technology / software & system developers
such as Baxter Medical NYSE: BAX ? p/e of 20X;NASDAQ: NMMD,
p/e of 31.4, NASDAQ: NMDC, p/e of 20X; an average of 24X
current EPS, and 20X 1 yr forwardexpected earnings.

In comparison to these valuations, NASDAQ OTCBB: MSGL,
with its proven market for its product, sales on the books
for the current quarter and a successful product launch
already would be more fairly valued at 25X to 30X forward
earnings or $2.00 ?to- $3.00 per share currently. For more
information, see the company?s website at:

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assumptions or future events or performance are not
statements of historical fact and may be "forward
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In compliance with the Securities Act of 1933,
Section 17(b), Emerging Stock Alert discloses the
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