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omgjen.com_0001 - 2004-06-21 - 520-730-7599
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Hey there, I'm Michelle, 21 year old female.

I can't find the right man in real life, it's not easy
because you don't know anything about them when you see
them and I'm abit shy wild girl. Anyways, I started going
online and checking out dating profiles and I must say
it's much easier that way ;-) I came across your profile
and I think we got something in common, come check mine
out at:

I just put few pics together. I got a webcam going too ;)
Hope to hear from you soon, my email and webcam is on my page..

bye hun

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tucson, az 85715

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7082 e opatas pl
tucson, az 85715
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john baker:
7082 e opatas pl
tucson, az 85715
Phone:: 520-730-7599

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