nigeria_banking_419_scam_0025 - 2003-12-20 nigeria banking 419 scam - dr.kola jasper
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nigeria_banking_419_scam_0025 - 2003-12-20 nigeria banking 419 scam - dr.kola jasper
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Qtr. 22 Federal Secretariat,

Dear Sir/Madam,


First I must solicit your utmost confidentiality in this transaction.
I am making this contact with you based on reliable information
available to us courtesy of our local chamber of Commerce and
Industry, thus we are convinced that you would be capable of
providing us with a solution to a money transfer transaction of
US$36,400,000.00 (Thirty-Six Million, Four Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars ).

We as members of this committee have identified a lot of inflated
contract funds which are presently floating in the Central Bank of
Nigeria.In the meantime,the government have already made a budget
allocation for the payment of these contracts,but by virtue of our
position as civil servants and members of this panel,we cannot
acquire this fund in our names.I was delegated as a matter of trust
by my colleagues to look for an overseas partner into whose account
we would transfer the funds totalling (USD36,400,000.00) and you will
be adequately compensated with 25% of the entire sum, hence we are
writing you this mail.

The present Civilian Government is determined to pay foreign
contractors all debt owed so as to maintain an amiable relationship
with both the Foreign Governments and Non Government Finanacial
Agencies and to attract foreign investment into our economy.We have
decided to include our bills for approval with the co-operation of
some officials of the Federal Ministy of Finance (F.M.F) and the
Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N.).We seek your assistance in providing
us with a good company account or personal account into which we can
remit this money,you will be acting as an ORIGINAL CONTRACTOR in this
deal, the fund will be paid to you.

We prepare letters of claims and job description on your
behalf,on receiption of the following information (your banker's name
and address,account number,your telephone and fax numbers)

It is our intention therefore,while having your understanding and
co-operation to invest 70% of this funds in pulp and paper
manufacturing plant for worldwide distribution and importation of
agricultural and oil prospecting equipment to sub-western region of
Africa.While the balance 5% will cater for all local and foriegn
expenses incurred in facilitating the transfer of this funds.

Please contact me immediately you recieve this mail signifying your
capability and willingness to assist us. We are building our trust on
sincerity of purpose, mutual understanding and recommendation.The
business itself is 100% safe and fail proof, provided you treat it
with utmost secrecy and confidentiality and you follow my
instructions carefully and religiously.Your line of specialization
does not matter as it cannot hinder the successful execution of this

Again we look forward to doing business with you and solicit your
utmost confidentiality in this transaction.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Dr.Kola Jasper.



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