nigeria_banking_419_scam_0021 - 2003-12-12 nigerian banking 419 scam - john aku
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nigeria_banking_419_scam_0021 - 2003-12-12 nigerian banking 419 scam - john aku
Return-path: Fri Dec 12 17:27:55 2003 [2003-12-12 17:27:55 45531]
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From: "JOHN AKU" <>
To: chat02@munged.ext
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 14:28:15 -0800
Subject: NEXT OF KIN
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I am a Nigerian, 26years in possession of my dad's properties.I lost
him in a plane crash.He was the Minister for sport here in Nigeria before
he died .Since then I have been in charge of his business and I have got
no problem with that since I have been doing that before his death.I
received a letter from his bank notifying me of his account in one of
the banks in OVERSEA that worth 47.5 Million dollars which he got from
Shell petroleum development company(SPDC)and chevron oil company
operating in our locality for the compensation of youth sport and
community development. As a result of this notification I have wrote a
letter through my Lawyer to the bank that i want to tranfer the money
(OUT OF THE BANK) for investment, in which I have successfully carried
out in the last two month. Since I am his next of kin ,it was so easy
for me in writing this letter without the knowledge of my family
members .I want to try as much as possible to transfer this money out from the
bank to any faithfull man or woman account in canada/america OR ASIA, OR Any
part ofthe world. I know that this issue is a very sensitive one and it
should not be discuss on the net. Why dont you send me your phone # and
your Fax # ? so that, I will get in touch with you .This deal is a risk
free one and your gain shall be 30% of this money provided you
co-operate with me .Remember not to tell anybody about this deal
because my daddy happens to be very popular person, even after his death. Want
i need from your is your FAITHFULNESS and your account and the money will
be transfer to your account from the bank without leaving your country,
but i need God fear person, who can keep the money for me and invest

Take care of yourself.
JOHN AKU toasted spam dot com