nigeria_banking_419_scam_0014 - 2003-07-23 nigeria banking 419 scam - almaji yakasai
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nigeria_banking_419_scam_0014 - 2003-07-23 nigeria banking 419 scam - almaji yakasai
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Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
36 Marina Lagos

Dear Sir,

First I must introduce the above finance house and solicit your confidence in this transaction, this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly CONFIDENTIAL and TOP SECRET. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc is a pioneer (first) generation commercial bank in Nigeria (RC. 6262). It has branches in South Africa and United Kingdom/Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well
at the end of the day. We have decided to contact you due to the
urgency of this transaction and we are optimistic that you can assist us.Secondly, let me introduce myself properly to you.

I am ALHAJI YAKASAI, an Executive Director of the above bank and a member of its Board Directors. As such I came to know of you in my search for a reliable and reputable person to handle this confidential
transaction, which involves the transfer a huge sum of money to a foreign account requiring maximum confidence. THE PROPOSITION: A foreigner, Late Engineer Johnson Creek, an Oil Merchant/Contractor
with the Federal Government of Nigeria, until his death five years ago in a ghastly air crash, banked with us here at Union Bank Nigeria Plc. Lagos, and had a closing balance of US$9.5m(Nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), which the bank now unquestionably expects to be claimed by any available foreign next-of-kin of the late
beneficiary or alternatively be donated to a trust fund for arms and ammunition at a military war college here in Nigeria.

Fervent valuable efforts are being made by the Union Bank to get in touch with any of the Creek family members or relatives but to no avail. It is because of the perceived possibility of not being able to locate any of Late Engineer. Johnson Creeks next-of-kin (he had no known wife and children) that the management under the influence of our chairman and member of the board of directors,retired Major
General Kalu Uke Kalu, that an arrangement be made for the funds to be declared UNCLAIMABLE and subsequently be donated to the Trust Fund for Arms and Ammunition to further enhance the course of war in Africa and the world in general.

In order to avert this negative development, some of my trusted colleagues and I now seek your permission to have you stand as a next-of-kin to late Engr. Johnson Creek so that the funds US$9.5m would be
released and paid into your bank account as the beneficiary next-of-kin. All documents and proves to enable you get this fund will be carefully worked out and more so we are assuring you of a 100% risk
free involvement.

Your share stays while the rest would be for myself and my colleagues for investment purposesin your country. Following the perceived advent of this declaration by the Chairman, Board of Directors, I had directed the Branch Manager to approach the Turkish High Commission (Embassy) here in Nigeria for an update inquiries. It is pertinent for you to note that the Turkish Embassy since 1998 (this air crash happened in 1996) till date has tendered am evidence, proved enough facts and has maintained statements/records beyond question to us that our late customer (the diseased) is not a Turkish Citizen though he had migrated (entered) into Nigeria as a contractor with Turkish International Passport that bears deniable and falsified facts of his
identity. In the honesty, I would want to deal with you without reservations.

I got your contact and address from the internet listing. Please accept my apology for infringing on your privacy. Obviously,you are not the only one/company we got and considered for this transaction. You were among six (6) others accessed via this medium. But after
due consideration based on my assessment and verification, I and my
colleagues sat at meeting and reached a consensus to work on two in this listing wherein which we arrived at this: to go into this business with Mr. Calleja Alibakis from Thesslonika, Greece or yourself.

On proper re-consideration, we were able to make some findings that Greece as a country has strict banking rules that might campel Mr. Alibakis and his company to pay up to 41% tax Withholding Tax (WHT) to the Greek Tax Revenue Board in receiving this funds. We ruled out doing this business with Mr. Alibakis on this basis and we could not consider giving him any option of receiving this fund elsewhere apart from Greece as he requested. This is because I and my colleagues would not want to have our own share ratio affected by WHT law of the receiving country.

I have to make this explanations just to put your mind at rest on the question of how I got to know about your contact and reasons why we had decided to chose you for this very transaction.

We have agreed that, the funds will be shared thus, after it has been transferred into your account.

1. 25% of the money will go to you for acting as the beneficiary of the funds.

2. 5% will be set aside for reimbursement of both parties for any incidental expenses that may be incurred in the course of the transfer.

3. 70% to us the originators of the transaction. If this proposal is okay by you and you do not wish to take undue advantage of the trust, we hope to bestow on you and your company, then kindly get to
me immediately via my private email address above for security reason. Furnishing me with your most confidential telephone, fax number and exclusive bank particulars so that I can use this information to apply for the release and subsequent transfer of the
funds in your favour.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully
Executive Director, Information Technology and Services
Unioun Bank of Nigeria toasted spam dot com