netleads.ws_0001 - 2003-02-24 domain name registration -
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netleads.ws_0001 - 2003-02-24 domain name registration -
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Did you know that more than 30 MILLION .com domain names (Internet addresses
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Here are some .ws "web site" domain customers you may have heard of:

Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Yahoo!, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.,
Sempra Energy, Olsten Corporation, AT&T, Hershey's Food Corporation,
International Data Group, Lucent Technologies, JC Penney, Razorfish, City of
Hope, UPS, Wells Fargo, Conair Corporation, Bloomberg News, Bose
Corporation, eBay, Inc., John Deere, NCAA, Entrust, Inc., Kmart, The
Sherwin-Williams Company, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Household Finance
Corp, Eastman Kodak Company, Bank of America, Holiday Inn, Chef America.

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Sponsored by MJS Enterprises, Ltd., independent marketing affiliate for the .WS
(WebSite) top level domain global Registry.
Copyright 2003 MJS Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.


Welcome to the .WS Whois Server
Use of this service for any purpose other
than determining the availability of a domain
in the .WS TLD to be registered is strictly
Domain Name: NETLEADS.WS
Registrant: J. Michael Smith
Domain created on 2002-05-08 14:17:42
Domain last updated on 2003-02-05 10:49:16
Name servers: ........ ........ has address has address

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OrgName: Net Infrastructure
Address: 1655 Walnut St. Suite 8
City: Boulder
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80304
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: NETINFRA-001
NetHandle: NET-207-189-192-0-1
Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2000-10-19
Updated: 2002-11-06

TechHandle: HOSTM20-ARIN
TechName: Hostmaster
TechPhone: +1-303-447-2496

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