national-adv-topqualitysubmissions_0002 - 2002-07-28
Stupid spam

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national-adv-topqualitysubmissions_0002 - 2002-07-28
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Cimarron, Colorado
3393 Mar de Cortez
Bahia Kino, MX 83340


Administrative Contact:
Colorado, Cimarron
3393 Mar de Cortez
Bahia Kino, MX 83340
+86 592 5923112

Technical Contact:
Colorado, Cimarron
3393 Mar de Cortez
Bahia Kino, MX 83340
+86 592 5923112

Registration Service Provider:
Yoric Network Ltd.,
+852 2391 4685

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 18-Aug-2002.
Record expires on 01-Jul-2003.
Record Created on 01-Jul-2002.

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