liberia_banking_419_scam_0002 - 2004-01-06 liberia banking 419 scam - lawrence taylor
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liberia_banking_419_scam_0002 - 2004-01-06 liberia banking 419 scam - lawrence taylor
Return-path: Tue Jan 6 14:00:41 2004 [2004-01-06 14:00:42 51778]
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by www.munged.ext (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id i06J0eO29587
for <whereareyou@munged.ext>; Tue, 6 Jan 2004 14:00:41 -0500
Message-Id: <200401061900.i06J0eO29587@www.munged.ext>
To: whereareyou@munged.ext
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:01:03 -0800

Dear friend,
This request may seem strange, but if I may crave your indulgence and hope
that you view this proposal very seriously. My name is LAWRENCE TAYLOR, the
junior brother to mr Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia .due to
the current situations in our country (Liberia) we where forced to leave the
country for Nigeria where we are currently on political asylum. My brother
ex. President Taylor on getting to Nigeria.Based on these developments, the
various foreign banks Account of my Uncle is already being investigated and
that of Switzerland has already been frozen.
In view of this very unpleasant development the sum of $45.7Million dollar
has been Secretly moved to a private security vault for safekeeping.My Uncle
Mr Charles Taylor is Presently in Nigeria for asylum, he has confided in me
With this task of seeking a very reliable and honest person that Will
receive this Fund into his/her account for the future Survival of him and
his family since he cannot presently deposit Or transfer the fund on his
name or that of his family members Name due to the present situation in our
He may likely Face war -crime charges as declared by the United Nations in
Respect of his alleged involvement in civil war in Sierra-LeoneIt is in
light of this present situation that made me to come over to Europe on a
different identity in search of a reliable, trustworthy individual who would
be able to assist us by providing us with an account (A Fresh account just
for the purpose of this transaction], so as to enable us transfer the sum of
$45.7Million dollar USD) into that said account. You would also be required
to buy properties, stocks I multinational companies and also engage in other
safe non-speculative investments.
In appreciation of your assistance, we have worked out the sharing ratio for
mutually beneficial transaction as follows. 75% for us would further be best
wishes from our corporation on your professed endeavours.We in no way comply
to any messages that even slightly exude resemblance to the notoriety of the
Nigerian letters of fraud that have fleeced so many unsuspecting good
meaning people throughout the western world and elsewhere.
Think of all the sufferings such fraudulent acts have brought upon thousands
of people who now live lives of paupers! Know that all such attempts have
now been branded and spammed internationally so that such kinds of letters
are forwarded to a police centre to be kept on file for
immediateinvestigation by Interpol no less. You have been braded by our site
also.Best way is lead an honest way of life from now on! Invested in your
country under your close supervision and direction, 20% for your efforts and
the balance 5% would be for all unforeseen incidental expenses that would be
incurred in pursuit of this transaction to a successful conclusion.
Please note that this transaction demands the highest degree of trust and
confidentiality between us. Moreover it is risk-free in the sense that has
taken proper care of all formalities regarding this transaction.
Endeavour to reply me immediately on my email address above, or confidential
and effective communication as am currently in the Netherlands to see to the
successful end to this transaction.Thanking you for your anticipated
co-operation.I remain yours truly,
LAWRENCE TAYLOR. toasted spam dot com