leadermorgan@zensearch.com_0002 - 2003-10-10 james morgan government 419 scam mailto:leadermorgan@zensearch.com
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leadermorgan@zensearch.com_0002 - 2003-10-10 james morgan government 419 scam mailto:leadermorgan@zensearch.com
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Dear Sir,

We are a team of Government officials that belong to an eight-man
committee in the Presidential Cabinet as well as the Senate. At the
moment, we will be requiring your assistance in a matter that
investment of monies, which we intend to transfer to your account,
clarification and a workable agreement reached in consummating the
project with you. Based on a recommendation from an associate
your integrity, loyalty and understanding, we deemed it necessary to
contact you accordingly.

All arrangements in relation to this investment initiative, as well
the Initial Capital for its take off has been tactically set aside
commence whatever business you deemed fit, that will turn around
favourably. We request you immediately contact us if you will be
favorably disposed to act as a partner in this venture, and possibly
will afford us the opportunity to discuss whatever proposal you may
up with. Also bear in mind that the initial capital that we shall
across will not exceed $13,731,000,00USD (Thirteen Million Seven
and Thirty One Thousand United States Dollars) so whatever areas of
investment your proposal shall cover, please it should be within the
aside capital.

In this regard, the proposal you may wish to discuss with us should
comprehensive enough for our better understanding; with special
on the following:

1.The tax obligation in your country
2.The initial capital base required in your proposed investment
as well as;
3.The legal technicalities in setting up a business in your country
with foreigners as share-holders
4.The most convenient and secured mode of receiving the funds
our direct involvement.
5. Your ability to provide a beneficiary/ partnership account with a
minimal deposit, where we shall transfer the funds into subsequently.

Another area that we wish to explicitly throw more light on, is the
process we have conceived in transferring the funds into the account
shall be providing. Since we are the owners of the funds, and the
will be leaving the apex bank of my country, we shall purposefully
fulfill the legal obligations precedent to transferring such huge
of funds, without arousing suspicion from any quarter as a drug or
terrorist related funds; and this will assist us in the long run to
forestall any form of investigations. Remember that, on no account
we be seen or perceived to be directly connected with the transfer of
funds. You will be the one to be doing all these, and in the course
transfer, if for any reason whatsoever, you incurred some bills, we
shall adequately retire same, upon the successful confirmation of the
funds in your account.

The commencement of this project is based on your ability to convince
of the need to invest in whatever business you have chosen, and to
your personality and status, especially as it concerns the security
the funds in your custody.

I await your response.


Mr. James Morgan

(Chairman Senate Committee on Banks and Currency)
234 9 272 1500
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