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gasscooter.org_0001 - 2004-03-03 gas scooters - 714-771-0904
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Welcome to our annual gas scooter blow out

Why walk when you can scoot! Our gas scooters
are strong fast and quiet!

<a href="">Click here to
go to our gas powered scooter products page

Our gas powered scooters are are legal in all 52 states. We
only sell brand new direct from the manufactory scooters. We have the lowest
prices on the web!!!!!!!!! We offer the best gas powered scooters ANYWHERE!
These gas scooter are legal for road use or off road! You can use your gas
scooter around your town/city or for sport use. You do not need any insurance
nor a license! We have the strongest gas scooters around. VERY VERY fast
scooters with a full 30 day warranty. We have the most reliable scooters.
Selling only quality made gas scooters. The gas scooters use unleaded gas
(cheapest kind) You do not need to spend lots on gas they save a lot.
gas scooters are two times quieter then all others. All our gas scooters give you a huge bang for your buck.

30 Day Full Warranty on all gas scooters

Which to pick?!

Pick the gas scooter that you think most fits you. Pick the one that looks the
most comfortably and the most attractive to you. Look at the speed and power of
the gas scooter engine and price.
Motorcycling Magazine recently declared our gas scooter store as the best online dealer for efficient and economical gas scooters!

<a href="">Click here to go to our gas powered scooter products page

<a href="">43cc Scooter X Dirt

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="100" height="72">

Over All rating: 5 star

<a href="">
43cc dirt dog
Our Price: $530.00

Our Price: $449.00
Made from the strongest and best parts around! This gas scooter has the most powerful setup around. A extra strong 2" design. This is the
only gas scooter that has ranked both 10 on power and 10 on safety. It's safer
then any other gas scooter in the world. New stronger handlebars, new engine
setup. Built to last this speed demon can go 32MPH. This powerful 2-stroke
43cc Hausheng single-cylinder, air-cooled, engine is air safe and legal in all
sates. BEST GAS SCOOTER ENGINE SETUP Triply Safe Drive System, includes full size chain drive -
conquers all terrains. 10 x 3.5inch pneumatic 4-ply DOT approved tires - FULL
SUSPENSION front and rear! Guarantees a smooth ride on or off road. The
powerfully single engine cylinder engine is ready to go 32MPH!! This gas scooter
has very fast speed and still VERY VERY safe! Great idle speed of 2200 + 200rpm saving money and gas. The
frame body is a extra strong 110mim 4.33inces. Our engine was design to be the safest and fastest engine in the world. This 43cc gas scooter engine out performed 92%
of all other 43cc engines!!! Out performed 38% of all 56cc gas scooter engines!
Other gas scooters have major defects in the tire engine setup, weak deck, weak
handlebars. Weak handlebars is the number #1 reason users get hurt. Which is the
reason we use 2 times the stander thickness in handlebars. One of the only gas
scooters you can ride safe on or off road! If you were to hit a rock or pebble on other gas scooters this could
cause chain belt to brake/wear down or cause injury's to the rider. Because of
there bad engine setup which is installed on 85% of all gas scooters. It uses motorcycle style twist throttle. This gas powered scooter comes
with 10 x 3.5inch all-terrain tires for on road use off road use and sports
uses. Made to withstand anything the road throws at it. This
model is brand new with the latest advances. All of are gas powered scooters are direct from the manufacturer and factory
sealed. This is a very strong and solid gas powered scooter. If you are
looking for the best gas powered scooter THIS IS IT!!! Great
for racing or just going to a friends house. This is by far the best gas
powered scooter. We have added a bunch of new
stronger features that will make sure nothing will brake or ever go wrong!!!!!
New wider bigger 10" tires and brand new stronger safer handlebars and engine
setup. 30 Day full warranty. Every Gas scooter is fully tested and inspected
prior to shipping. Comes ready out of the box!! We ensure your Satisfaction 30 Day Full Warranty

<a href="">
43cc dirt dog

<a href="">43cc F18 razorback

Over All rating: 5 star

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="100" height="100">

<a href="">F18 Gas Scooter gas razorback scooter

Our Price: $599.99

Our Price: $505.00
Save 100$

ONE BOLT ASSEMBLY! The easiest setup on any gas scooter! Some call it a
motorcycle gas scooter but we like to call it a mini motorcycle scooter
;-). Often over looked for it's "over the top look" this gas scooter is
really all around great. The look and fell of the gas scooter gives it a
slick and very roomy scooter. This is one of the best gas scooters we sell
because it sells it self. Its look sets it away from all others and with a
really low price and easy setup it becomes a easy decision. Electric start
- HORN - brake light and turn signals - powerful 43cc Hausheng single-cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke engine. Chain drive - 10" 4-ply DOT
approved tires. BEWARE of the cheap razorback models. notice that they
steal our photos and ship something else. This bad boy has a lot of
different looks it can have. Gets great speed with out risking any safely
features. Great all around scooter one of the best in the world!

<a href="">F18 Gas Scooter gas razorback scooter

<a href="">36cc Dirt Cruiser

Over All rating: 5 stars

<img border="0" src="" width="100" height="100">

<a href="">
2004 36cc Dirt Cruiser Scooter x

Our Price: $399.00
The new 2004 36cc
Dirt Cruiser is a safe and fun way to get where you need to go on or off
road. This gas powered scooter features a 2 stroke 36cc gas scooter
engine. This gas powered scooter was made and designed for kids use. This
is the best gas powered scooter for your children. Not only do you want
one of the safest gas powered scooters but you want a scooter that will
cost you sell long term. This gas powered scooter saves gas as you ride
and is one of the best reasons for teens to get it. You will save a lot
more money using this gas powered scooter. To some of the other gas
powered scooter this gets up to 10 more miles PER tank. This gas powered
scooter is a great way to reduces traffic and get where you need to go in
a timely matter. The younger you are the younger you lungs is and the more
it is growing your lungs stops growing at 20 (which is why 21 is the
drinking age). Why does this matter? Well some of the gas powered scooters
give off a ton of bad air into the environmental which can and does make
it into you the rider. This gas powered scooter uses a new strong air
filter. This makes sure NO toxic air or fumes makes it in your body. This
is a environmental safe gas powered scooter. This gas scooter was made for
on or off road use. Most users use it just to get around there town or to
get to and from school. This gas powered scooter is also about 30% quite
then most all other 34cc gas powered scooters. This is one of the best gas
powered scooters for city and town use and off road....

<a href="">2004 36cc Dirt Cruiser Scooter x

<a href="">Ninja Pocket bike

Over All rating: 5

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="85" height="64">

<a href="">43cc
Ninja Pocket bike

Our Price: $625

This awesome brand new Ninja Pocket bike does
speeds of over 40+MPH. Made from the strongest parts. Solid strong design
made for racing and to withstand lots of ware and tear. This pocket bike
is by far the strongest out to date. Small in size strong in design sleek
in look fast in speed. This model comes with 50 un-slicked stickers, so
you can put the stickers on and design the bike how you would like. Front
and rear strong disc brakes. This ninja pocket bike is only 36pounds! It
can hold up to 242 pounds. The engine in this pocket bike is one of the
best known engines ever. A powerful 43cc 4.2 horsepower pocket bike
engine. If you are on the racing scene you know that a lot of the pocket
bikes engines and body's get really hot and force you to stop using the
bike. This does not apply to this ninja pocket bike. This pocket bike is
very safe and made for most all ages. We do suggest and in some sates you
must be 16 or older. This pocket bike is very fast and you should not risk
it. These same bikes are seen at other pocket bike dealers for 7,50-1,499.
<a href="">43cc
Ninja Pocket bike

<a href="">Click here to
go to our gas powered scooter products page
best gas powered scooters best prices!


Gas Scooters Wholesale Shop 4790 Irvine Blvd, Suite 108 Irvine, CA 92620


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