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email_gold_inc_0001 - 2002-08-07 bulk eMail CD / email gold inc
From Wed Aug 7 12:55:07 2002
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Subject: 30 Million Fresh Email Addresses & Software, Only $64.95! Time:8:57:31 AM
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 08:57:31

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Email Gold Inc

Fresh Email Addresses on CD!

Introductory Price Of $64.95 Good Until August 10, 2002!

Hello Business Associates,

Bulk Email Advertising Works! <font
color="#FF0000"> It
gives you the power to broadcast your message to millions of potential customer with just
one order. In fact, the number of businesses that are getting online to sell their
products and services is growing three folds each month that passes. This
makes it a challenge to get in the first few top pages on any search search. <

Do you have a product or service that you would like to share
with the world? Now you can! It's easy, fast, and best of all,
light on your budget! Bulk e-mails, are the most cost effective
form of advertising in today's business world. In this special
offer we have compiled an extensive e-mail address list for you.

Over 30 Million Fresh ACTIVE Email Addresses!





 Are you familiar with the four basic process involved in a

 successful direct email campaign? These basic steps are what

 professional, consistent and successful direct emailers use.
They are

 the foundation and root of the direct email model. The basic

 includes the following:

 1. Consistently accessing
new and fresh lists

 2. Consistently updating

 3. Consistently sending your
ad at reasonable intervals

    (repetition is the key = look at TV commercials)

 4. Optimizing your ad and
subject to a more "order pulling" ad

 Do you need current and supplemental prospect email lists ?

 Do you need fresh lists every day, every week or every month

 Do you need more new prospects - never reached before ?

 If you answered yes, you need Email Gold List.

 We provides you NEW

 email contacts. EVERY NEW &

FRESH email address harvested by

 our MULTIPLE machines through our FAST data lines can be


 Accessing your names is as easy as 1-2-3.

 Just unzip the file on your CD and plug it

 into your email program.....walla....send it out.

For those of you who don't have Zip software, we have included it also. Don't worry, it's very simple
to use.


Have you purchased email addresses in the past only to find
that more than half of the email addresses listed on the CD are
"BAD" (Undeliverable or Just Auto Responders and Webmasters who all

We have spent the past 6 months compiling, updating, verifying, and
testing all of the addresses on our New CD ROM with over 30 million current and ACTIVE email addresses

This List full of highly responsive individuals.

This NEW CD just hit the market and we are the source.

We will only be selling 75 copies of the Summer 2002 Edition.




This is it! The best email address data in the world!

Bonus! We are including a free direct emailing program with your
order! You will be able to email up to 200,000 prospects per hour
with this software!

Bonus #2 - A free email list manager is also included. This will
help you manage all of your removal requests and larger email lists.

These Names Are HOT and we are placing a limit on the orders so get your
order in today! At only $64.95, Not $179.95 These Names Are A Bargain!

Your CD's will be shipped certified mail within 48 hours after your order has been processed.

Each CD is tested before shipping. We will contact you via your email address when your CD are
being shipped.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debt Cards, Money Orders, and Checks.
You may order directly from our order page, or send payment via postal mail to
the address.

Everything will be shipped certified mail within 48 hours after your order is processed.

To Order by postal mail or fax, please send or fax $64.95 Plus $5.79 S & H.

Foreign Orders Add $15.00 Certified S & H.

Make payable to Email Gold Inc.

Email Gold Inc

P. O. Box 36

Dayton, Ohio 45405

If you would like to order via Fax, please include your credit card information below and fax to our V
oice/Fax Line.

OUR 24 HOUR FAX NUMBER: 775-257-6657

Important Credit Card Information! Please Read Below!

* Credit Card Address, City, State and Zip Code, must match billing address to be processed.

CHECK____ MONEYORDER____ VISA____ MASTERCARD____ AmericanExpress___ Debt Card___


(As it appears on Check or Credit Card)


(As it appears on Check or Credit Card)


City,State,Zip(As it appears on Check or Credit Card)


(Credit Card Number)

Expiration Month_____ Year_____


Email Address (Please Write Neat)


Authorized Signature

I understand due to the contents of the Email Names & Software being copied by some customers then use
d or sold for profit, all sales are final. If you should receive a defective or damaged CD, Email Gol
d Inc. will replace it at no extra charge, (Via Certified or Registered Postal Mail).

To Be Removed From Our Mailing List, Simply Put The Word "Remove" In The Subject Line, And Email To Th
e Address Below.

Email Address: <a href="">REMOVE


From : toasted spam dot com