dollarswave.com_0001 - 2005-07-20 pyramid scheme - 973-736-2545
Stupid spam

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(2860) View this spam as a plain text file toasted spam dot com
dollarswave.com_0001 - 2005-07-20 pyramid scheme - 973-736-2545
We find it most amusing that has a "zero tolerance for spam"
warning on their home page, yet they also have only one member at this time.
This means that the only member, who happens to be the person who started
and runs the site, is guilty of spamming us. How hypocritical is that?


From Wed Jul 20 07:23:47 2005 [2005-07-20 07:23:47 111667]
Received: from Magic ( [] (may be forged))
by www.munged.ext (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id j6KBNil10142
for ; Wed, 20 Jul 2005 07:23:45 -0400
From: Yo-yo
Subject: Happy Dollars Blasting
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 19:28:10 -0700
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
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DISCLAIMER:<FONT color=#0000ff
This e-mail is sent in compliance with strict
anti-abuse and NO SPAM<FONT
color=#808080 size=1> regulations.
Your address was collected as a result of either
posting to a link, a free classified ad, or you have sent me your business
proposition by e-mail in the past.
Under Bill S1618 TITLE III, passed by the 105th
US Congress, this message cannot be
considered SPAM as long as there is a way to be removed<FONT
color=#808080 size=1>,
paragraph (a) (c) of S. 1618.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from me,
please <A
href=" From This Earning">email to
<a href=""><FONT color=#0000ff
size=1> and type
in the subject area: Reject From
This Earning


DollarsWave has zero Tolerance for SPAM !!!

-: Notice :- does not condone UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) known as SPAM. Members are strictly prohibited from using SPAM in their marketing efforts, and are subject to immediate termination if they do so.
If you have found this website due to SPAM, we want to know!
Please email if you have a formal
complaint you would like to report.



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