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contourdesign.com_0001 - 2003-02-07 contour design -
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Subject: Call Center Magazine Award
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 12:19:58 -0500

Contour Design?s RollerMouse Station? Wins Call Center Magazine Award

The RollerMouse? Station is hailed by Call Center Magazine as a product that will foster innovation and prosperity for call centers. Recent call center studies show that the RollerMouse? provides a 70% decrease in wrist pain, a 78% decrease in shoulder pain and a 5% increase in productivity.

Windham, NH ? February 6, 2003 - Contour Design is proud to announce that its RollerMouse Station? was awarded a high honor in Call Center Magazine?s ?Best Products of the Year? issue that hit shelves this month. The contest included products reviewed by the magazine editors in 2002 and the ergonomically correct RollerMouse? Station was given the honorable mention award as well as a nod from one of the editors ? who now uses the product daily. Managing Editor of Call Center Magazine, Jennifer O?Herron, states, ?We liked it so much that one of our editors uses the RollerMouse? as a permanent part of her workstation.?

Benefits of the RollerMouse? Station, as listed among the magazine?s editors, were the noticeable increase in speed in typing-intensive work and also that the Station took up less space on their desks. Naturally, the ergonomic benefits were also lauded as a great gain for people who use a computer frequently.

Because Contour Design concentrates on alternative computer input devices to benefit computer-intensive tasks, its long-time specialty is creating products to promote worker productivity while also increasing the worker?s comfort. The RollerMouse? Station is a revolutionary roller bar mouse that keeps the user's hands within the optimal work zone. The RollerMouse? places cursor control beneath the space bar so the fingers or thumbs from either hand can be used to slide, roll, and click the revolving shaft. Studies done in pharmaceutical and communications call centers reveal that the RollerMouse? Station provides a 70% decrease in wrist pain, a 78% decrease in shoulder pain and a 5% increase in productivity.

About Contour Design:
Contour Design, Inc. specializes in the development, research and design of top quality alternative computer input devices. Contour Design?s devices can significantly reduce muscular discomfort while maximizing productivity. This is due to our meticulous attention to understanding the causes of pain associated with computer input devices. During the development stage, we rigorously refine our prototypes with extensive testing and continuous user feedback. We really go the extra mile ? improving and reworking ? not stopping until the product is perfected. Contour Design is concerned for the health and well being of our customers and it shows in the ergonomic integrity of our products.

RollerMouse animated flash demo

Contour Design video collection

Company Contact:
Contour Design
Ms. Kim Adams
603-893-4556 x226

Press Contact:
MRB Public Relations
Ms. Wendy Behn
732-758-1100 x101

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Contour Design Inc (CONTOURDESIGN-DOM)
254b North Broadway Suite 204


Administrative Contact:
Dupont, Keith (KD208) keith@CONTOURDESIGN.COM
Countour Design Inc
10 Industrial Drive
Windham, NH 03087
603-893-4556 (FAX) 603-893-4558
Technical Contact:
110 Meadowlands Pkwy
Secaucus, NJ 07094

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