- 2002-08-22 climatique
Stupid spam

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(1781) View this spam as a plain text file toasted spam dot com - 2002-08-22 climatique
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Subject: A New Climax Gel For Women By Women
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 0102 14:46:39 +0200
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Climatique is a specially designed gel that was created for women who
wish to experience, restore or enhance the pleasure & joy of great sex.

Climatique is manufactured by Taylor-Wright Pharmacals, Inc., a leading
homeopathic manufacturer of sexual health care products for over a decade.

Climatique has been tested and recommended by the Institute for Advanced
Study of Human Sexuality for use as a sexual enhancer and pleasure product. It
also is distinguished with a recommendation from the American College of

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Doris, aged 27, married, Carlsbad, CA
"My husband is a Marine who is always ready, willing and able. We used
Climatique and for the first time I stayed with himů. In fact, I was a little ahead of

Mabel, aged 48, divorced, Los Angeles, CA
"I thought I wouldn't ever be interested again. Climatique made me find a new

Janette, aged 33, engaged, Kahuku, HI
"I went from sometimes no orgasms to multiple orgasms."

Matt, aged 39, engaged, Philadelphia, PA
"It's increased our sexual satisfaction immensely. We're having more and better
sex all the time now."

Monique, aged 23, single, Long Island, NY
"Climatique is like a tube of orgasmic sensation. It lifted me through the clouds
to a state of ecstasy in a matter of moments when ordinarily it would take much

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