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bidmain.com_0002 - 2005-06-17 Fri Jun 17 02:51:19 2005
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Your Business to the Government Market in 2005

"The U.S. federal, state and local governments altogether
spend $1.2 trillion every year, purchasing just about every category of commodity and service."

Dear Munged,
Did you know that the federal agencies are required by law to establish contracting goals, such that 23% of all government purchases are allotted for small businesses as MUNGED?

How to find these lucrative business opportunities?
Since 2000, <a href=""> has been assisting
small businesses in finding government bids from federal,
state and local agencies and public institutions such as schools,
libraries, hospitals, etc. With, you can:

Get a daily e-mail report delivered to
your desktop everyday.
Access federal, state, local and municipal
government bids.
Select unlimited regions, categories, and keywords
without any extra charges.

Visit <a href="">
now to find business opportunities with government and expand
your business by winning more contracts.

For more information, send an email to <a href="">

Best Regards,
Brad Smith


Bidmain Testimonial

Dear Bidmain,

"I was just about to purchase a service from another on-line procurement information company when I heard about I was skeptical at first, however. Unlimited access for a fixed price?
How and why would a company do that? But when I logged on to your site, I got almost the exact same bids using the same criteria..."

Ian S.

Small business CEO

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