800-359-8336x7939_0002 - 2002-09-28 money making scam - 1-800359-8336 ext. 7939 1-800-359-8336x7939
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800-359-8336x7939_0002 - 2002-09-28 money making scam - 1-800359-8336 ext. 7939 1-800-359-8336x7939
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Subject: Re: $4,000-$8,000 monthly in 30- 45 days 1254 5776
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 15:05:05 -0400

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Good Morning

You get emails everyday that say they can show you how to make money. Most of those emails are from people who are NOT making any money. And, they expect YOU to listen to them?


If you want to make money with your computer, then you should hook up with a group that is actually DOING it. OUR TEAM is AWESOME. We're making a substantial, continuing incomes every month. We have a solid track record of making people wealthy, for over 5 years. What's more - we will show YOU how to do the same thing.

This business is conducted 100-percent by Internet, email and 800# messages. If you can send an email and can give a prospect lead an 800#, you can do this. No special "skills" are required.

How much are we making? Below are a few examples. These are real people, most who work at this business part-time. But, keep in mind, they WORK. I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying you can sign up, do NO work, and rake in the cash. Unfortunately, that kind of job does not exist.

But, if you are willing to put in 6-8 hours per week, this might be the opportunity you are looking for and would like to do. You will feel real good about what you do and you will not be ashamed to tell friends and relatives all about it. You will be proud.

D. Ryan: Over $3000 per month
Richard: $20,000 last month
S. Johnson: $6000 - $7000 per month
Mark: Over $20,000 per month
James: $30,000 per month
Kyle: Over 40,000 in one month

You can speak to each of these people and more money earners if you like. We have thousands of money-makers in our group.

This is not income that is derived by luck or work that is done FOR you. How much you make is completely based on your effort. But, as I said, there are no special skills required. And, this income is RESIDUAL. That means that it continues each month and it tends to increase each month.

Interested? I invite you to find out more. However, remember, we are just looking for people who have that "burning desire" to find an opportunity that will reward them incredibly well, if they work at it.

Call this 24/7, 800#, three-minute message and find out if this is for you.

1-800359-8336 ext. 7939

That's all there is to it. After you make the call, we will send you info and you can consider all the facts and make up your own mind.

I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. After having several negative experiences with network-marketing companies, I had pretty much given up on them. This is different. There is value, integrity and a REAL opportunity to have your own home-based business... and finally make considerable money through the Internet... morally and ethically.

Please don't pass this one up...

You received this from an independent third-party marketing company who likely received your contact information from one of their Web offers. The Internet is the fastest method of distributing this type of timely information.

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