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72i.com_0001 - 2004-02-18 bulletproof hosting - 72i.com mailto:sales@30100.com 208-988-1824
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Subject: Re: Marketing Solution
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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 03:34:42 +0800
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E-mail is the fastest growing marketing tool.

We offer E-mail Marketing with quality service and the lowest prices.

1. Targeted E-mail Addresses

We can provide targeted e-mail addresses you need, which are compiled
only on your order. We will customize your customer e-mail addresses.

* We have millions of e-mail addresses in a wide variety of categories.

2. Send out Targeted E-mails for you

We can send your e-mail message to your targeted customers! We will
customize your email addresses and send your message for you.

* We can Bullet Proof your Web Site.

We also offer a wide variety of marketing software. For more details, you
can refer to: Http://www.72i.com

Looking forward to serving you, and your business needs!


John Okoh
Client Support

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