618-355-1150ext1105_0001 - 2004-04-13 mlm scam - 1-618-355-1150 ext 1105 mailto:franks1005@hotmail.com
Stupid spam

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618-355-1150ext1105_0001 - 2004-04-13 mlm scam - 1-618-355-1150 ext 1105 mailto:franks1005@hotmail.com
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That's right - $1000 - $1500 PER DAY just for giving out this
one phone number. No hype, no mlm, no B.S., and no false
promises - just solid information on how to put cold hard cash into your hand now. Want the number?

This as with any home opportunity does require a participation fee

just call 24/7 at 1-618-355-1150 ext 1105

TO Be Taken Off franks1005@hotmail.com


p.o. box 762 newport,tn 37822

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