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rxmedical.bag.gs_0001 - 2003-04-28 phermomones - www.rxmedical.bag.gs/phero.cgi?mrbig mailto:805-987-3775
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Subject: Human Euphoria          236643
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<CENTER><B><FONT face=Verdana size="4" color="blue">Human Euphoria</FONT><BR><BR>
<FONT face=Verdana>Attract The Opposite Sex Like Magic!</FONT><br>
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>Cologne for men and perfume for the women</FONT><br>
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>As seen on CNN, ABC and more....</FONT></CENTER>
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>- Become More Sexually Active</FONT>
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>- Get Approached More Often</FONT>
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>- Improve 
Business Relationships</FONT> 
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>- Meet More People 
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>- Increase Your Self 
Confidence</FONT><FONT face=Verdana></FONT> 
<font color="ffffff" size="1">
<FONT face=Verdana>Human Euphoria Pheromone calogne/perfume is a brand new formula that contains Human Sex Pheromones scientifically designed and proven to attract the opposite sex. Just as animals use scents to attract the opposite sex, humans respond to pheromones that can greatly increase your chances of being approached, meeting a partner and getting the attention and intimacy you desire.</FONT>
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     mnt-lower:    MAINT-CHINANET-ZJ
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