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randbad_0015 - 2002-09-30 growth stock alert - randbad - nouce1.com - 1-866-667-5399
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  <TITLE>Untitled Document</TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR=3D"#ffffff">

    <TD WIDTH=3D"100%" BGCOLOR=3D"#000000">
    <P><CENTER><B><STRONG><FONT COLOR=3D"#008000" SIZE=3D"+4" FACE=3D"Copperplate =
Gothic Bold">Growth
    Stock Alert</FONT></STRONG></B><FONT COLOR=3D"#ffff00" SIZE=3D"+4"
     FACE=3D"Copperplate Gothic Bold"> </FONT></CENTER></TD>

    <TD WIDTH=3D"100%">
    <P><CENTER> <B><FONT SIZE=3D"+2">Special Situations Alert:
    Hunno Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: HUNN)</FONT></B></CENTER></TD>

    <TD WIDTH=3D"51%">
    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Greetings
    Fellow Investors, <BR>
    Where do tomorrow's Wall Street Blue Bloods emerge from? Where
    do you find the market's new, young guns? We believe it's among
    the ranks of newer, entrepreneurial issues. They're usually smaller,
    more nimble and dynamic. They're bringing new products and services
    to market, redifining their industries and challenging the status
    quo. Every new Bull Market has its leaders. Many on Wall Street
    believe that Security and Biometric Companies, especially in
    light of recent world events, will provide that leadership. Today's
    Featured Company , Hunno Technologies, Inc: (NASDAQBB:HUNN),
    in fingerprint security, could very well fit that tall order.
    Sound interesting? Read On!!</FONT></B></P>

    <P><CENTER><B><U><FONT COLOR=3D"#990000" SIZE=3D"+1">Corporate Synopsis:
    Hunno Technologies, Inc.</FONT></U></B></CENTER></P>

    <P><B><U><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Founded in 1997, Hunno
    possesses its own unique and distinctive fingerprint identification
    technology</FONT></U><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">.Their technology
    extracts the minute data from a primitive fingerprint image on
    a real time basis and identifies people on the basis of geometrical
    similarities of one's fingerprint points. Hunno succeeded in
    commercial use of the fingerprint module with capacitive sensor
    for the first time in the world and it is only the company that
    also achieves the development of fingerprint products based on
    an optical sensor. Hunno combines the world class fingerprint
    algorithm with the technology of 128 bit block encryption based
    on DES and supplies PC security fingerprint devices using a powerful
    folder and file encryption/decryption by fingerprint matching.
    <U>The Company posted sales for the year ending December 31,2001
    of $7,757,000 US Dollars, up 11.5% from 2000</U>.</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">(Source: Company Website
    and 8K filing, 8/12/02)</FONT></B></P>

    <P> </P>

    <P><CENTER><B><U><FONT COLOR=3D"#990000" SIZE=3D"+2">Reasons To =

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">1)</FONT><U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">JUST BECAME A PUBLIC
    COMPANY</FONT></U><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">.=
     COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana"> On August 14th, Skintek
    Labs Inc, announced the execution of an exchange agreement whereby
    Skintek Labs merges with Hunno Technologies Inc. Sang Gyun Kim,
    president of Hunnotech, stated: "Our move to become a public
    company will allow us to substantially increase our revenue base
    though a global expansion of our products and services and to
    have the opportunity to capture U.S.-based investment."=

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">2)</FONT><U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">CONTRACT WITH DIVISION
    OF SAMSUNG GROUP</FONT></U><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" =
    </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">On August
    27th, Hunno announced that Seoul Communication Technology, a
    subsidiary of Samsung Group specializing in home security, has
    awarded Hunno Technologies a substantial contract to supply them
    MagicPass 6500 Fingerprint ID module and applications (Fingerprint
    Identification Door Lock).</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">3)</FONT><U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">CONTRACT WITH DIVISION
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">.</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana"> On Monday, September 23rd, Hunno announced
    that a division of TYCO International (NYSE: TYC), TYCO SAFETY
    PRODUCT (TSP) Korea, has selected Hunno's fingerprint ID access
    control products to be deployed throughout TYCO divisions next
    month, in order to fully secure enterprises including ADT, Sensormatic
    and Ademco. By supplying TSP Korea with Hunno's MagicPass 4500,
    Hunno is expected to generate at least $10 Million of additional
    revenue. Moreover, this will create product recognition throughout
    TYCO's infrastructure. Hunno's product line has been fully tested
    by TSP Korea and is ready to be deployed throughout TYCO divisions
    next month.</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">4)</FONT><U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">THE TECHNOLOGY</FONT></U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">.</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana"> The Company's key developments are
    in its unique fingerprint identification algorithon and the =
    optical-based fingerprint identification module together with
    the first chip-based fingerprint module in the world. The Company
    is currently engaged in providing PC security devices, access
    control systems and home security products based on its unique
    fingerprint identification technology. The Company believes they
    provide a value added function of electronic authentication and
    electronic signature with fingerprints for various business fields
    such as security information, on-line shopping, internet banking,
    cyber stock market, groupware, workflow, EDMS, and KMS. (Source:
    8K filing and company website)</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">5)</FONT><U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">SALES GROWTH</FONT></U><FONT
     COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">.</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana"> For the year ended December 31, 2001,
    sales were $7,757,000 US Dollars, up from $6,955,000 for 2000.
    The company posted a loss of $2,257,000 US Dollars for 2001.
    Now that Hunno is a public company, look for more current numbers
    from the company soon.</FONT></B></TD> 
    <TD WIDTH=3D"49%">
    <P> </P>

    <P><CENTER><B><U><FONT COLOR=3D"#990000" SIZE=3D"+1">Strongly Consider
    These Additional Points</FONT></U></B></CENTER></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">1)</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Imagine if you could travel back in
    time</FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana"> and buy into Cisco
    Systems in the early 1990's just as it was going public--you
    would have had an opportunity that would have been almost without
    peer in the last 12 yrs.The stock soared and made millionaires
    out of many lucky investors. Unearthing great new companies isn't
    difficult these days. We're living in an era of tremendous opportunities,
    as entrepreneurs embrace technology and innovation. It seems
    new companies rule the day. Do you see why Hunno Technologies
    could be one of those companies that rule the day moving forward?=

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">2)</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Crack open a model</FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1"
     FACE=3D"Verdana"> book of the best stocks over recent decades.
    You'll see daring firms riding breakthrough products and services
    to huge sales, profits and stock price gains. Few will argue
    that moving forward, Homeland and Corporate Security will be
    prioritized, creating HUGE opportunities for Companies and Investors
    who capitalize and jump on them early enough! You may now agree
    that Hunno Technologies is in that position. Do you see why this
    may not be some boring, go nowhere Investment?</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">3)</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Select Small and Microcaps are Blazing
    Higher in This Environment:</FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">
    Even in this Market, New Stock Opportunities Exist Every Single
    Trading Day! (All moves based on closing prices):</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">September
    3rd thru September September 19th: NASDAQ: </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">DDRX Up 60%!!</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">September
    18th: NASDAQBB: </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" =
    Up 200% for the day!!</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">September
    6th: NASDAQ: </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">RAGS
    Up 36.48% for the day!!</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">September
    3rd: NASDAQBB: </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">CMMI
    Up 167% for the day!!</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">It boggles the mind how
    well some of these stocks do....</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">4)</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Timing:</FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">
    </FONT><U><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Have
    you ever kicked yourself for letting a winner slip away</FONT></U><FONT
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">, only to see it trade 100% or more
    in the following weeks? In hindsight you could say I should've
    done this or I should've done that. In real estate its all about
    location, location and location. With stocks it's all about timing,
    timing and timing. The only reason you've been successful in
    the past is because you had good timing. Successful investing
    demands you be positioned BEFORE a stock sets sail on an odyssey
    of gains. Investing is like catching the right wave on a surfboard.
    If you don't time it quite right, you miss the wave. While the
    stock has pulled back after exploding higher over the last month
    or so, </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#ff0000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Hunno
    may very well be one of those rare finds that only gets better
    with age. The more winnning traits you can find with a stock,
    the better your results will be. Has the moment of truth arrived
    for the stock? Have the decks been cleared for another explosive
    move? Will Hunno go higher from here? If you believe that to
    be true, then the time has come to act!! </FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1"
     FACE=3D"Verdana">(As always, Growth Stock Alert believes a thorough
    due diligence effort, including a review of available SEC filings,
    should be completed prior to investing.)</FONT></B></P>

    <P><B><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">5)</FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff"
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Stocks don't double, triple or move
    even higher in a vacuum. </FONT><FONT SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">There's
    usually a new story behind a stock's major price advance. Where
    would Microsoft be today without its Windows operating system?
    </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#ff0000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">If you
    look through the list of greatest stocks, there are plenty of
    breakthrough products that fueled stock advances. </FONT><FONT
     SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">They're usually companies in dynamic
    industries with new products and services. Do you see why Hunno
    Technologies could very well be one of those companies?</FONT></B></P>

    <P><CENTER><B><U><FONT COLOR=3D"#990000" =

    <P><B><FONT COLOR=3D"#000000" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">Finally,
    you may concur that Hunno Technologies, Inc. has the potential
    to become a force in its market and its niche. You may also agree
    the company is doing the right things at the right time and is
    uniquely positioned in a turbocharged industry moving forward.
    </FONT><FONT COLOR=3D"#0000ff" SIZE=3D"-1" FACE=3D"Verdana">There may
    never be a better time than right now to make yourself a WINNER
    <TD WIDTH=3D"100%" HEIGHT=3D"205" BGCOLOR=3D"#ffffff">
    <FONT SIZE=3D"-1">Information within this email contains "forward
    looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of
    the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of the Securities
    Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that express or involve
    discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs,
    plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions or future
    events or performance are not statements of historical fact and
    may be "forward looking statements."Forward looking
    statements are based on expectations, estimates and projections
    at the time the statements are made that involve a number of
    risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events
    to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Forward
    looking statements in this action may be identified through the
    use of words such as "projects", "foresee",
    "expects", "will," "anticipates,"
    "estimates," "believes," "understands"
    or that by statements indicating certain actions "may,"
    "could," or "might" occur. As with many microcaps,
    today's featured company has factors that raise substantial doubt
    about its ability to continue as a going concern. Furthermore,
    the company has a large accumulated deficit since its inception
    and a substantial negative net worth. An investment in today's
    featured company is considered to be highly speculative and should
    not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss
    of investment. All information provided within this email pertaining
    to investing, stocks, securities must be understood as information
    provided and not investment advice. Growth Stock Alert advises
    all readers to seek advice from a registered professional securities
    representative before deciding to trade in stocks featured within
    this email. None of the material within this report shall be
    construed as any kind of investment advice or solicitation.The
    publisher of Growth Stock Alert is not a registered investment
    advisor. Subscribers should not view information herein as legal,
    tax, accounting or investment advice. All information within
    this email is qualified in its entirety by the detailed information
    and financial statements of the featured company contained in
    its regulatory filings with the SEC. End-Users are responsible
    for verifying all claims and conducting their own due diligence.
    Any reference to past performance(s) of companies are specially
    selected to be referenced based on the favorable performance
    of these companies. You would need perfect timing to acheive
    the results in the examples given. There can be no assurance
    of that happening. Remember, as always, past performance is never
    indicative of future results and a thorough due diligence effort,
    including a review of a company's filings, should be completed
    prior to investing. Past performance is never indicative of future
    results. Growth StockAlert has no relationship with DDRX, MICG,
    RAGS, or CMMI. This email message may contain references or links
    to web sites operated by third parties. Such references or links
    are provided for the reader's reference and convenience only.
    We are not responsible for the reliability of these external
    sites nor are we responsible for any of the contents, advertising,
    products, or other materials on such external sites. Our inclusion
    of references or links to such web sites does not imply any endorsement
    of the material on such web sites or any association with their
    operators. Under no circumstances shall we be held responsible
    or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused
    or alleged to have been caused in connection with the use of
    or reliance on any content, goods, or services available on such
    external site.</FONT></P>

    <P><FONT SIZE=3D"-1">In compliance with the Securities Act of 1933,
    Section17(b), Growth Stock Alert discloses the receipt of one
    thousand dollars from a third party not an officer, director
    or affiliate shareholder for the publication of this report.
    Be aware of an inherent conflict of interest resulting from such
    compensation due to our intent to profit. All factual information
    in this report was gathered from public sources, including but
    not limited to SEC filings and Company Press Releases. Growth
    Stock Alert believes this information to be reliable but can
    make no guarantee as to its accuracy or completeness. Use of
    the material within this email constitutes your acceptance of
    these terms.<!--SELECTION--><!--/SELECTION--></FONT></TD>
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    <P><CENTER>If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list,
    please <A HREF=3D"mailto:remove@nouce1.com?subject=3DREMOVE">Click
    Here </A>or call us at 1-866-667-5399, or write to us at: NOUCE1,
    6822 22nd Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710-3918</CENTER></TD>



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