pillsdirect.net_0006 - 2003-03-17 drugs - www.pillsdirect.net mailto:room1545@yahoo.com
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pillsdirect.net_0006 - 2003-03-17 drugs - www.pillsdirect.net mailto:room1545@yahoo.com
Return-Path: <lmacmom19@yahoo.com>
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        Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:33:38 -0500
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From: lmacmom19@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Select the prescription drug of your choice
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 03:30:42 -0800
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 17 Mar 2003 19:31:10.0451 (UTC) FILETIME=[C39A6430:01C2ECBB]

<body bgcolor=3D#FFFFFF>
<table width=3D500 border=3D2 bordercolor=3D#000000 cellpadding=3D0 cellsp=
<td width=3D500 colspan=3D4 bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC>

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<td width=3D52 height=3D12 colspan=3D2 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D528 height=3D12 colspan=3D2 nowrap bgcolor=3D#330099></td>
<td width=3D52 height=3D34 colspan=3D2 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D63 height=3D34 nowrap bgcolor=3D#330099></td>
<td width=3D465 height=3D282 rowspan=3D7 bgcolor=3D#FFFFFF>
<table width=3D475 border=3D18 bordercolor=3D#FFCC00 cellpadding=3D0 cells=
<td width=3D475>
<table width=3D405 border=3D0>
<td width=3D405 height=3D2 colspan=3D8 align=3Dleft>
<font style=3D"COLOR: #6666ff; FONT: 15pt Arial Black"><b>  &nbs=
p;Low cost
<td width=3D38></td>
<td width=3D284 colspan=3D6><font style=3D"COLOR: #3300ff; FONT: 36px Aria=
l Black"><b>AFFO<!lian!>RDABLE </td>
<td width=3D83></td>
<td width=3D189 colspan=3D5 align=3Dright><font style=3D"COLOR: #3300cc; F=
ONT: 18px Arial"> FDA APPROVED</td>
<td width=3D216 colspan=3D3></td>
<td width=3D79 height=3D25 colspan=3D3></td>
<td width=3D198 height=3D25 colspan=3D3><font style=3D"COLOR: #330099; FON=
T: 60px Arial"><b>ME<!lian!>DS</td>
<td width=3D128 height=3D25 colspan=3D2></td>
<td width=3D13 height=3D23 colspan=3D2></td>
<td width=3D392 height=3D23 colspan=3D6><font style=3D"COLOR: #3300cc; FON=
T: 16px Verdana"><b>Pre<!iday!>scribed online and shipp<!iday!>ed</td>
<td width=3D57 height=3D36 colspan=3D3></td>
<td width=3D348 height=3D36 colspan=3D5><font style=3D"COLOR: #cc0000; FON=
T: 30px Arial Black"><b>TO YOUR DOOR</td>
<td width=3D405 colspan=3D8 align=3Dcenter><font style=3D"COLOR: #000000; =
FONT: 36px Arial"><b>OVERNIGHT</td>
<td width=3D405 colspan=3D8 align=3Dright><a href=3D"http://rd.yahoo.com/p=
rocess/63/141/3652/*http://www.pillsdirect.net"><font style=3D"COLOR: #330=
0ff; FONT: 24px Arial"><b>Enter Store Here. </a>
<td width=3D115 height=3D7 colspan=3D3 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D10 height=3D36 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D105 height=3D36 colspan=3D2 nowrap bgcolor=3D#3300FF></td>
<td width=3D115 height=3D6 colspan=3D3 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D115 height=3D9 colspan=3D3 nowrap bgcolor=3D#A694F2></td>
<td width=3D115 height=3D4 colspan=3D3 nowrap bgcolor=3D#CCCCCC></td>
<td width=3D115 height=3D100 colspan=3D3 nowrap bgcolor=3DA694F2></td>
<td width=3D100 height=3D15 colspan=3D4 bgcolor=3D#FFFF33><p align=3Dcente=
<a href=3D"http://rd.yahoo.com/router/99/12/072/*http://www.pharmsafe.net/=
pharm/goodbye.html"><font style=3D"COLOR: #666666; FONT: 10px Arial"><b>un=
list</a> now.</td>


domain:       pillsdirect.net
status:       production
origin-c:     room1545@yahoo.com#1
organization: Franklin Group, LLC
email:        room1545@yahoo.com#1
address:      45 Huntington Ave
city:         New York
postal-code:  NY 10280
country:      US
admin-c:      room1545@yahoo.com#0
tech-c:       room1545@yahoo.com#0
billing-c:    room1545@yahoo.com#2
nserver:      ns1.pillsdirect.net
nserver:      ns2.pillsdirect.net
registrar:    JORE-1
created:      2003-01-02 20:19:36 UTC caserv
modified:     2003-03-09 15:47:46 UTC JORE-1
expires:      2005-01-02 20:19:36 UTC 
source:       joker.com

db-updated:   2003-03-11 15:14:34 UTC 

pillsdirect.net has address
www.pillsdirect.net has address

inetnum: -
 netname:      CNCNET
 descr:        China Netcom Corp.
 descr:        New Telecommunication Carrier Based on IP Backbone
 country:      CN
 admin-c:      JM284-AP
 tech-c:       JM284-AP
 mnt-by:       APNIC-HM
 mnt-lower:    MAINT-CN-ZM28
 changed:      hostmaster@apnic.net 20001011
 changed:      hm-changed@apnic.net 20020703
 changed:      hm-changed@apnic.net 20030212
 source:       APNIC

 person:       jianhua mou
 nic-hdl:      JM284-AP
 e-mail:       tech-group@china-netcom.com
 address:      15/F, Building A, Corporate Square,No
 address:      35 Financial Street,Xicheng District,
 address:      Beijing
 phone:        +86-010-88093588
 fax-no:       +86-010-88091442
 country:      cn
 changed:      moujh@china-netcom.com 20030212
 mnt-by:       MAINT-CN-ZM28
 source:       APNIC

domain:       pharmsafe.net
status:       production
origin-c:     pharmsafe@yahoo.com#0
organization: PharmSafe Inc.
owner:        XiaOn Richard Xu
email:        pharmsafe@yahoo.com#0
address:      GG 70 Lot29
city:         TW
state:        Hong Kong
postal-code:  000000
country:      CN
admin-c:      pharmsafe@yahoo.com#0
tech-c:       pharmsafe@yahoo.com#0
billing-c:    pharmsafe@yahoo.com#0
nserver:      ns1.mitchmyersent.biz 
nserver:      ns2.mitchmyersent.biz 
registrar:    JORE-1
created:      2003-03-12 16:13:59 UTC JORE-1
modified:     2003-03-12 21:30:31 UTC JORE-1
expires:      2004-03-12 10:13:43 UTC 
source:       joker.com

db-updated:   2003-03-14 18:41:34 UTC 

Host pharmsafe.net not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
Host www.pharmsafe.net not found: 2(SERVFAIL)
ping: unknown host pharmsafe.net
ping: unknown host www.pharmsafe.net

as of 2003-03-12 it was:
pharmsafe.net has address
www.pharmsafe.net has address

Search results for: 

     OrgName:    Verio, Inc.
     OrgID:      VRIO
     Address:    8005 South Chester Street
     Address:    Suite 200
     City:       Englewood
     StateProv:  CO
     PostalCode: 80112
     Country:    US

     NetRange: -
     NetName:    VRIO-198-104
     NetHandle:  NET-198-104-0-0-1
     Parent:     NET-198-0-0-0-0
     NetType:    Direct Allocation
     NameServer: NS0.VERIO.NET
     NameServer: NS1.VERIO.NET
     NameServer: NS2.VERIO.NET
     Comment:    ********************************************
     Comment:    Reassignment information for this block is
     Comment:    available at rwhois.verio.net port 4321
     Comment:    ********************************************
     RegDate:    2001-01-31
     Updated:    2001-09-26

     TechHandle: VIA4-ORG-ARIN
     TechName:   Verio, Inc.
     TechPhone:  +1-303-645-1900
     TechEmail:  vipar@verio.net

     OrgAbuseHandle: VAC5-ARIN
     OrgAbuseName:   Verio Abuse Contact
     OrgAbusePhone:  +1-800-551-1630
     OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse@verio.net

     OrgNOCHandle: VSC-ARIN
     OrgNOCName:   Verio Support Contact
     OrgNOCPhone:  +1-800-551-1630
     OrgNOCEmail:  support@verio.net

     OrgTechHandle: VIA4-ORG-ARIN
     OrgTechName:   Verio, Inc.
     OrgTechPhone:  +1-303-645-1900
     OrgTechEmail:  vipar@verio.net

     # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2003-03-13 20:00

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