otc_newsletter_0010 - 2003-02-12 investments - otc bb cbyi mailto:goneforgood@btamail.net.cn
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otc_newsletter_0010 - 2003-02-12 investments - otc bb cbyi mailto:goneforgood@btamail.net.cn
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<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Passenger Safety is =231 Priority</TITLE><META http-eq=
uiv=3D=22Content-Type=22 content=3D=22text/html; charset=3Dwindows-1252=22><STY=
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ze=3D=226=22 face=3D=22Arial=22 color=3D=22=23660000=22>OTC</font></TD></TR><TR><T=
D height=3D=222=22 bgcolor=3D=22=236a694f=22>
<font size=3D=225=22 face=3D=22Times New Roman=22 color=3D=22=23ffffff=22><strong=
> Newsletter</strong></font></TD><TD height=3D=222=22 bgcolor=3D=22=236a6=
94f=22><div align=3D=22right=22>
<font size=3D=225=22 face=3D=22Times New Roman=22 color=3D=22=23ffffff=22><strong=
>Discover Tomorrow's Winners </strong></font></div></TD></TR><TR><T=
D height=3D=2225=22 colspan=3D=222=22 bgcolor=3D=22=23cccc99=22><table width=3D=2210=
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8=22><div align=3D=22center=22>
<font face=3D=22Arial=22 color=3D=22=23660000=22 size=3D=225=22><strong>Urgent No=
tice</strong></font></div></td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td><table wid=
th=3D=22100%=22 border=3D=221=22 cellspacing=3D=220=22 cellpadding=3D=228=22 align=3D=
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or=3D=22=23fafaf5=22 valign=3D=22top=22 height=3D=22453=22>
<font face=3D=22Arial=22 size=3D=224=22 color=3D=22=23ff0000=22><strong>Cost of A=
irport Security Soaring</strong></font>
<br><font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=221=22>By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY=
<br><br><font size=3D=222=22>The Transportation Security Administration exp=
ects to pay as much as =24211 million a month for passenger screening ser=
vices from private firms.  Congress initially funded the TSA w=
ith =241.3 billion.  The Bush administration is seeking =244.4 b=
illion more to carry the agency through September 30.</font>
<br><br><font face=3D=22arial=22 size=3D=223=22><strong>Safety Sector Company=
 in High Demand</strong></font>
<br><font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=222=22>With about 3,000 airport bomb-s=
canning systems in use worldwide, the capability of Cal-Bay's (OTCBB: CB=
YI) <font size=3D=222=22>pattern recognition technology and its portability=
 makes it ideal for airport security (including aircraft cargo bays, bag=
gage handling, and passenger scans).  Cal-Bay has developed a =
strategic alliance with another company that will provide an entry into =
the explosives-detection market for the military, which has significant =
potential for growth.</font>
<br><br><font face=3D=22arial=22 size=3D=223=22><strong>Analyst =22Meehan Capi=
tal Management=22 says CBYI is undervalued</strong></font>
<br><font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=222=22>Analyst Rating:  &nbs=
p;    Long-Term Speculative Buy<br>Recent Price:&nbs=
p;        22 cents<br>12-Month T=
arget:   =242.50<br>24-Month Target:   =245.=
<br><br><font face=3D=22arial=22 size=3D=223=22><strong>More Reasons to Inves=
t in CBYI</strong></font>
<br><font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=222=22><em><strong>Cal-Bay Receives Ma=
jor Purchase Order of over =24250,000 </strong></em>from St. Gobain Conta=
iners of Muncie, Ind.<font size=3D=222=22><em><strong> <br>Cal-Bay Joins Go=
Now.com financial network.  </strong></em>GoNow.com will provi=
de PPM coverage on Cal-Bay.  Through GoNow.com strategic relationship wi=
th FreeTrade by Ameritrade, shareholders can buy or sell CBYI stock comm=
ission free.  There are no account fees, transaction costs, or=
 monthly charges.</font>
<font face=3D=22arial=22 size=3D=223=22 color=3D=22=23ff0000=22><br><strong>Put C=
BYI on your Watch List.  Aquire a position <em>commission free</em> toda=
<br><br><br><font face=3D=22Arial=22 size=3D=222=22><strong>Our Subscribers G=
et In and Out and Profit Like the Pro's=21</strong></font>
<br><font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=222=22>Congratulations to our subscrib=
ers who took action on our recommendation to buy EMCS. It rallied and is=
 holding steady at =247.00, a 330% profit=21</font>
<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></td></tr><tr><td bgcolor=3D=
=22=23ffffcc=22><table width=3D=22100%=22 border=3D=220=22 cellspacing=3D=220=22 cel=
<div align=3D=22center=22><font size=3D=22-2=22 face=3D=22Verdana=22>Certain sta=
tements contained in this news release may be forward-looking statements=
 within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1=
995. These statements may be identified by such terms as =22expect=22, =22b=
elieve=22, =22may=22, =22will=22, and =22intend=22 or similar terms. We are NOT=
 a registered investment advisor or a broker dealer. This is NOT an offe=
r to buy or sell securities. No recommendation that the securities of th=
e companies profiled should be purchased, sold or held by individuals or=
 entities that learn of the profiled companies. We were paid =2427,000 in=
 cash by a third party to publish this report. Investing in companies pr=
ofiled is high-risk and use of this information is for reading purposes =
only. If anyone decides to act as an investor, then it will be that inve=
stor's sole risk. Investors are advised NOT to invest without the proper=
 advisement from an attorney or a registered financial broker. Do not re=
ly solely on the information presented, do additional independent resear=
to form your own opinion and decision regarding investing in the profil=
ed companies. Be advised that the purchase of such high-risk securities =
may result in the loss of your entire investment.  Not intended for reci=
pients or residents of CA,CO,CT,DE,ID, IL,IA,LA,MO,NV,NC,OK,OH,PA,RI,TN,=
VA,WA,WV,WI. Void where prohibited.  The owners of this publication may =
already own free trading shares in CBYI and may immediately sell all or =
a portion of these shares into the open market at or about the time this=
 report is published.  Factual statements are made as of the date stated=
 and are subject to change without notice.  Copyright c 2002</=
font></div><hr width=3D=22100%=22 noShade size=3D=221=22></td></tr></table></t=
d></tr></table></td></tr></table></TD></TR><TR><TD colspan=3D=222=22 height=
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ding=3D=224=22><tr><td width=3D=2287%=22 height=3D=2221=22><div align=3D=22right=22>=
<font color=3D=22=23666666=22>=3D</font></div></td><td width=3D=227%=22 height=3D=
=2221=22><font face=3D=22Arial=22 size=3D=226=22 color=3D=22=23ffffff=22>OTC</font><=
/FONT></td><td width=3D=226%=22 height=3D=2221=22><div align=3D=22left=22><font c=
<font face=3D=22verdana=22 size=3D=223=22 color=3D=22=23800000=22><strong>Unsubsc=
ribe at:  goneforgood=40btamail.net.cn</strong></font>


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