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onlinedns.org_0004 - 2003-03-13 enlargement -
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      Search, Ultimate  (SENRKWQMSI)
      GPO Box 7862
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      VeriSign, Inc.  (HOST-ORG)		namehost@WORLDNIC.NET
      VeriSign, Inc.
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  descr:        idc
  descr:        BeiJing
  country:      CN
  admin-c:      LL212-AP
  tech-c:       LL212-AP
  mnt-by:       MAINT-CNNIC-AP
  changed: 20010921
  status:       ALLOCATED PORTABLE
  source:       APNIC

  person:       lizhang li
  nic-hdl:      LL212-AP
  address:      No.225 Chaonei Street Dongcheng District Beijing China
  phone:        +86-10-65230603
  fax-no:       +86-10-65276366
  country:      CN
  changed: 20021206
  mnt-by:       MAINT-CNNIC-AP
  source:       APNIC toasted spam dot com