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Stupid spam

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jaiiisii.com-septix_0002 - 2003-03-27 hgh - www.5I261G0f53HYq.com@jaiiisii.com/septix/1/cm mailto:jokerdomains@hotmail.com
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Subject: i know alot of games to play                                                                   5554dZY-7
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:09:16 -0500
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In fact we'd like you to receive a F.R.E.E thirty day supply; look and feel <br>
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encourage you to at least take a look at the information as to<br>
what else it can do.</b></font></p>
<p><font face="Verdana"><b>
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<p><b><font face="Verdana">If the above link doesn't work: <a href="http://www.5I261G0f53HYq.com@www.hothgh.com/ie/7/">CLICK HERE</a></font></b></p>


domain:       jaiiisii.com
status:       production
origin-c:     jokerdomains@hotmail.com#0
owner:        bill mitchell
email:        jokerdomains@hotmail.com#0
address:      361 4th St
city:         New York
postal-code:  10001
country:      US
admin-c:      jokerdomains@hotmail.com#0
tech-c:       jokerdomains@hotmail.com#0
billing-c:    jokerdomains@hotmail.com#0
nserver:      ns0.123dnsservice.com 
nserver:      ns0.abcdnsserver.com  
nserver:      ns0.aaadnsserver.com  
nserver:      ns1.123dnsservice.com 
nserver:      ns1.abcdnsserver.com  
registrar:    JORE-1
created:      2003-02-24 17:25:03 UTC JORE-1
modified:     2003-03-07 07:26:32 UTC JORE-1
expires:      2004-02-24 11:24:48 UTC 
source:       joker.com

db-updated:   2003-03-25 18:05:47 UTC 

jaiiisii.com has address
www.jaiiisii.com has address

domain:       hothgh.com
status:       production
origin-c:     john@la.com#0
organization: hgh
owner:        jr jr
email:        john@la.com#0
address:      rodeo
address:      dr.
city:         beverly hills
state:        ca
postal-code:  90210
country:      US
admin-c:      john@la.com#0
tech-c:       john@la.com#0
billing-c:    john@la.com#0
nserver:      ns1.123education.net 
nserver:      ns2.123education.net 
registrar:    JORE-1
created:      2003-02-11 01:21:58 UTC JORE-1
modified:     2003-03-06 19:29:55 UTC JORE-1
expires:      2004-02-10 19:21:37 UTC 
source:       joker.com

db-updated:   2003-03-28 19:38:03 UTC 

hothgh.com has address
www.hothgh.com is an alias for hothgh.com.
hothgh.com has address

inetnum: -
 netname:      GZ-CHINA-NETCOM
 descr:        guangzhou branch, china netcom corp
 country:      CN
 admin-c:      JL1058-AP
 tech-c:       JL1058-AP
 mnt-by:       MAINT-CN-ZM28
 mnt-lower:    MAINT-CN-LJ28
 changed:      daihy@china-netcom.com 20020607
 source:       APNIC

 person:       jia li
 nic-hdl:      JL1058-AP
 e-mail:       gzman_admin@china-netcom.com
 address:      china netcom
 address:      guangzhou
 phone:        +86-020-87324888
 country:      CN
 changed:      daihy@china-netcom.com 20020906
 mnt-by:       MAINT-CN-ZM28
 source:       APNIC

inetnum: -
netname:      CHARACTER
descr:        Russian Federation, Moscow
descr:        N. Bashilovka, 6
country:      RU
admin-c:      CL578-RIPE
tech-c:       CL578-RIPE
status:       ASSIGNED PA
notify:       sysadm@harakter.net
notify:       registry@rt.ru
mnt-by:       AS8342-MNT
changed:      rus@rt.ru 20020628
changed:      rus@rt.ru 20020719
source:       RIPE

descr:        ROSTELECOM-NET
origin:       AS8342
notify:       ncc@rt.ru
mnt-by:       AS8342-MNT
changed:      rus@rt.ru 20001221
source:       RIPE

role:         Character LLC
address:      LLC Character
address:      Russian Federation, Moscow
address:      N. Bashilovka, 6
phone:        +7 095 386 1157
fax-no:       +7 095 386 1157
e-mail:       sysadm@harakter.net
trouble:      ---------------------------------------------------------
trouble:      LLC Character is available 24 x 7
trouble:      ---------------------------------------------------------
trouble:      Points of contact for LLC Character
trouble:      ---------------------------------------------------------
trouble:      SPAM and Network security issues:    abuse@harakter.net
trouble:      General information:                 info@harakter.net
trouble:      ---------------------------------------------------------
trouble:      _________________A T T E N T I O N!____________________
trouble:      Please use abuse@harakter.net e-mail address for complaints.
trouble:      All messages to any other our address, relative to SPAM
trouble:      or security issues, will not be concerned.
trouble:      ---------------------------------------------------------
admin-c:      MU155-RIPE
tech-c:       MU155-RIPE
nic-hdl:      CL578-RIPE
notify:       sysadm@harakter.net
changed:      vitaly@rtcomm.ru 20020718
source:       RIPE

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