horsiefuckers.com_0001 - 2002-10-02 porn - www.horsiefuckers.com/1261145220
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horsiefuckers.com_0001 - 2002-10-02 porn - www.horsiefuckers.com/1261145220
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Subject: Bizarre sex!
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 22:01:06 +0300
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                                          HORSIE FUCKERS
                              GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WILD SIDE!

                     Ever wanted to know how girls do it with horses, dogs, snakes and other things?
                                  CLICK HERE AND CHECK IT OUT!

                               Guts of iron are needed for the bizarre things in here!
                                 BANNED IN ALL 51 STATES (CANADA TOO)

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   Fred  Kinkle (template COCO-1308466)
   55 Ocean Drive
   San Tanbay, CA   90134   US

   Domain Name: horsiefuckers.com
   Status:      production

   Admin Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Fred Kinkle (COCO-1308466) techsupport@zegemabeach.com

   CORE Registrar: CORE-28

   Record last modified: 2002-08-22 14:20:17 UTC by CORE-28
   Record created:       2002-07-26 22:07:34 UTC by CORE-28
   Record expires:       2004-07-26 16:35:46 UTC

   Domain servers in listed order:


   Database last updated on 2002-10-04 13:52:24 UTC

horsiefuckers.com has address
www.horsiefuckers.com is an alias for horsiefuckers.com.

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     OrgName:    Nuhosting Inc.
     OrgID:      NUHS

     NetRange: -
     NetName:    NUHOSTING-1
     NetHandle:  NET-66-102-224-0-1
     Parent:     NET-66-0-0-0-0
     NetType:    Direct Allocation
     NameServer: NS1.NUHOSTING.COM
     NameServer: NS2.NUHOSTING.COM
     RegDate:    2002-07-19
     Updated:    2002-07-30

     TechHandle: WA158-ARIN
     TechName:   Aiello, Walter
     TechPhone:  +1-416-571-8382
     TechEmail:  waiello@nuhosting.com

     OrgName: Nuhosting Inc.
     OrgID:   NUHS
     Address: 151 Front Street Toronto Ontario M1J 1E6
     Country: CA
     RegDate: 2002-07-19
     Updated: 2002-07-30

     # ARIN Whois database, last updated 2002-10-03 19:05

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