crvalues.com_0001 - 2004-06-24 mortgage -
Stupid spam

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crvalues.com_0001 - 2004-06-24 mortgage -
Return-path: Thu Jun 24 08:07:45 2004 [2004-06-24 08:07:45 10313]
Received: from ( [])
	by mail.munged.ext (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id i5O87f908178
	for <corey@munged.ext>; Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:07:42 GMT
X-Message-Info: RFOB+hma/849+s/BAE+6/6812722079770
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.8457.3314);
	 Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:53:20 -0100
Received: from ( [])
	by (Postfix) with SMTP id 16FWF6T3UL
	for <corey@munged.ext>; Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:00:20 -0200
X-Message-Info: YABV+%ND_LC_CHAR[1-3]5+eli+Y+5/75723174981
Received: (qmail 55303 invoked by uid 871); Thu, 24 Jun 2004 09:59:20 -0300
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 07:54:20 -0500
Message-Id: <>
From: Aurelia Horne <>
To: Corey <corey@munged.ext>

<font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica" size=3D"2">
<div align=3D"center">
  <table style=3D"BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=3D"#006699" cellP=
adding=3D"5" width=3D"638" border=3D"1" height=3D"199">
      <td bgColor=3D"#ecf5ff" width=3D"612" height=3D"189">
      <font face=3D"Verdana">
      <p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8">Hel=
      dear home ow<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">[</font>ner,</p>
      <p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8">W<F=
ONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">Xs</font>e 
      h<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">xT</font>ave been n<FONT style=3D"FO=
NT-SIZE: 1px">lg</font>o<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">^</font>ti<FONT sty=
le=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">_</font>fied that y<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">1<=
      mo<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">i</font>rtgage rate is fixed at a v=
      high intere<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">4</font>st rate. Therefore=
 you are 
      current over<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">}</font>pay<FONT style=3D=
"FONT-SIZE: 1px">e</font>ing, which su<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">XM</f=
ont>ms-u<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">9</font>p to 
      tho<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">`</font>u<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE:=
 1px">O2</font>sands of doll<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">5</font>ar<FONT=
 style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">(</font>s annually .
      <p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8">Luc=
      for you we can 
      <a href=3D"*http:/ww=">guara<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">(</font>n=

<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">Js</font>te<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">w=
T</font>e</a> the low<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">hq</font>est rates 
      i<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">]</font>n t<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE:=
 1px">O</font>he U.S<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">|</font>. (<a href=3D"h=
id=3Dsf">3.50<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">N</font>%</a>). So h<FONT styl=
e=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">}</font>urry be<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">AF</fon=
t>cau<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">/</font>se 
      the rat<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">7</font>e foreca<FONT style=3D=
"FONT-SIZE: 1px">?</font>st i<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">L</font>s not =
l<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">~</font>ook<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">=
l</font>ing good! </p>
      <p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8" ali=
      <font size=3D"4" color=3D"#006699">Th<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">=
x2</font>ere is no obli<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">Y4</font>gations, 
      and i<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">c</font>t F<FONT style=3D"FONT-S=
IZE: 1px">H</font>RE<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">B</font>E</font></p>
      <p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8" ali=
      <font size=3D"4" color=3D"#006699">L<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">p=
1</font>ock on the 3.50%, e<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">=3D</font>ve<FON=
T style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">K</font>n 
      w<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">/</font>ith bad cr<FONT style=3D"FON=
T-SIZE: 1px">Ra</font>ed<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">xD</font>it!</font>=

      <p align=3D"center" style=3D"margin-left: 8; margin-right: 8"> =
</font><font face=3D"Arial,Helvetica" size=3D"2"><div align=3D"center">
        <table border=3D"1" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" style=3D"b=
order-collapse: collapse" bordercolor=3D"#808080" width=3D"39=
%" id=3D"AutoNumber1" bgcolor=3D"#C0C0C0">
            <td width=3D"100%" bgcolor=3D"#E0DFE3">
            <p align=3D"center">
            <a href=3D"*http:/www.c=">
            Cli<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">\</font>c<FONT style=3D"FONT=
-SIZE: 1px">.</font>k He<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">Qt</font>r<FONT sty=
le=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">#</font>e Now For D<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">j<=

<p> </p>
<p align=3D"center"> </p>
<a href=3D"*http:/www.crvalues.c=
REM<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">j3</font>OVE H<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: =
or sna<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">VR</font>il mail:<br>
Rua da Im<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">p</font>prense,<br>4347, R<FONT st=
yle=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">k</font>/C Bloco 1<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">$<=
/font>-33<br>M<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">SV</font>a<FONT style=3D"FONT=
-SIZE: 1px">1</font>puto, Mo<FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 1px">=3D</font>zambi=




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