719-661-3442_0001 - 2003-02-12 drugs - 719-661-3442 randbad mailto:nospamws@yahoo.com 1-888-763-2497
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719-661-3442_0001 - 2003-02-12 drugs - 719-661-3442 randbad mailto:nospamws@yahoo.com 1-888-763-2497
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<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffff00" TEXT="#000000">
<P ALIGN=Center>
<BIG><BIG><B><BIG>Legal Options to Illegal Drugs<BR>
End Harmful & Illegal Drug
Abuse</BIG></B></BIG></BIG><FONT COLOR="#000000"><BIG><B><BIG>!!</BIG></B></BIG></FONT><BR>
<FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>For your absolutely
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><I><U>LEGAL</U></I></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B><BR>
Pleasure and Delight...<BR>
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>You must be 21 Years of age!!!
<B>Celebrate Don't Devastate!</B><FONT COLOR="#00aa00"><BR>
<B>Don't Lose that Job to a Failed Drug
<FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG><BIG>719-661-3442</BIG></BIG></B></FONT><BR>
<FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>There are
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>MANY</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>
websites out there that sell
"</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>Marijuana
Alternatives</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>" and other 'drug' alternatives.
Go ahead and check them out before you order from us... Look at the ingredients
that they are <BR>
made of (</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>if they dare to tell
you</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>) and you will see that you can buy
them from almost
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>ANY</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>
'type' store. Some of their mixtures are
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>VERY
HARMFUL</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>. Our herbs are of a
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>VERY
HIGH</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B> quality and <BR>
they are the safest mixtures on the planet, while being the most
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>POTENT</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>
you can buy
</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B>LEGALLY</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>.</B></FONT>
      <TD><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><FONT
            COLOR="#00b300"><B><BIG>CHEN CHEN HERBA</BIG></B></FONT><B>
        </B></FONT><B><BIG><</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B><BIG>Cannabis/Marijuana
        Option</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B><BIG>></BIG></B></FONT></FONT><FONT
            COLOR="#000000"><B><BIG>2oz..</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>$75.00</BIG></B><FONT
        This is a VERY POTENT, loose-leaf formula that can be rolled, bowled, <BR>
        brewed or smoked with a pipe. FREE PIPE Included.</B></FONT><B><BR>
        <U><I>Ingredients</I></U>: </B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B>Half-edged
        Lily-rare Bian Lian (lobeline factors), Kona Lactuca <BR>
        virosa, <B> Yucatan Turnera aphrodisaca, Hawaiian Vervain (Maui strain),
        Siberian <BR>
        Leonorus</B> <B> Sibricus, rare Lotus Leaf, Jamaican Blue Verbena officinalis,
        Spanish Peumus Crocus</B> <B> Sativa, Chinese (flowering-tops only) Horny
        Goat Weed<BR>
        Ginko Biloba, African Cola</B> <B> Vera, and African Wilde Dagga (flowering-tops
        only). <BR>
        Chen Chen Herba does</B> <B> not include any tobacco or any cannabis factors.
        <FONT LOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><FONT COLOR="#00b300"><B><BIG>TONGA
        BRICK</BIG></B></FONT></FONT><B><BIG><</BIG></B><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B><BIG>Cannabis/Marijuana
        <BIG>.75 oz brick ...</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>
        2oz.brick...</BIG></B><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>$115.00</BIG></B></FONT><B><BIG>
        <B>This is a Solid Hashish Formatted Smoking Blend. To be pipe smoked... a single
        pinch <BR>
        goes a long way. Some people mix Chen Chen Herba and Tonga Tai Brick to <BR>
        make the ultimate "Temple Ball" for a very RARE kind of smoke! <BR>
        Comes with a FREE PIPE!</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><U><I>Ingredients:</I></U></B></FONT> <B>Extreme
        ratio extractments ranging from 8.5 to 1, to 100 to 1 <BR>
        viripotent concentrations Drachasha, Chavana Prash, Trikatu, Black Seed Herb,
        Hybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Capillaris Herba, Angelica Root, Wild
        mature leaf matter, Haritaki, Shatavari, Labdunum, Neroli, Unicorn Root,
        Papaver <BR>
        Rhoes, Dendrobian stems, Calea Zacalechichi buddings, Rue, Amla, Salvia <BR>
        Divinorum, Crocus Sativa, Lotus and Gokshura cuttings.</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B>
        </B><FONT COLOR="#00b300"><B><BIG>TONGA TAI HAPPY
        DROPS</BIG></B></FONT></FONT><B><BIG><</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B><BIG>Cannabis/Marijuana
        2oz. dropper
        bottle&#133;..</BIG></B><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>$115.00</BIG></B></FONT><BR>
        <B>A breakthrough!!!! Liquid Alternative for the Non-Smoker. To use, just
        put several <BR>
        drops under the tongue or into a small glass of juice. 70+ servings. </B>
        <U><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B I>Ingredients:</B></FONT></U><B> Includes the
        following quantum-ratio, core-extracted/refined botanicals <BR>
        in an alcohol base as a preservative: Albizzia flower-tops, Drachsha, Chavana
        Prash, <BR>
        Lactuca Virosa, Hybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Wild Dagga, Capillaris
        Herba, Angelica <BR>
        Root, Zizyphi Spinosae, Buplerum, Hybrid Valeriana officinalis Root, Albizzia
        flower-tops, <BR>
        mature Polygonum Vine, Calea Zacatechichi, Crocus Sativa flower-tops, Leonorus
        Sibricus buds, Cinnabris, Margarita herba, Biotae Orientalis, Salviae
        <BIG>1 oz. dropper bottle
        &#133;..</BIG></B><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>$90.00</BIG></B></FONT><B><BR>
        Promotes both physical & psychological Desire & Uninhibitedness.
        For men & women!!! Under the tongue or in juice. 45+ servings.</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><I><U>Ingredients:</U></I></B></FONT> <B>Whole MaHuang,
        Bee Pollen, Epimedium Angelica, Rehmannia, <BR>
        Ginger,</B> <B> Schizandra, Polygonatum, Adenophora, Tremella, Tang Kuei,
        Reishi,</B> <BR>
        <B> Codonopsis, Eucommium, Lycii Berry, Ligusticum, Peony Root, Fo Ti,</B>
        <B> <BR>
        Atractylodes, Ophiopogon, Royal Jelly, Euryales Seeds, Poria, Licorice,</B>
        <B> <BR>
        Mountain Peony Bark, Cormi Fruit, Rose Hips, Prince Ginseng, Scrophularia,</B>
        <B> <BR>
        Alisma, Astragalus, Fennel, uplerium, Cypera, Aconite, Polygala, Red Sage</B>
        <B> <BR>
        Root, Jujube Seed, Lotus Seed, Tien Chi Ginseng, Ligus Ticum, Psoralea,</B>
        <B> Dodder <BR>
        Seed, and Cisthanches in a solution containing 24% pure grain alcohol</B>
        <B> as a <BR>
        preservatve, distilled water and Lecithen as an emulsifier.</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#000000"> <FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"> <B>5.)
        </B><FONT COLOR="#00b300"><B><BIG>HARMONY
        SNOOT</BIG></B></FONT></FONT><B><BIG><</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B><BIG>Cocaine/Meth
        Option</BIG></B></FONT><B><BIG>></BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG>$85.00</BIG></B></FONT><B><BR>
        An inhalant powder originally designed to help end cocaine and methamphetamine
        dependencies&#133;Very psychologically uplifting, very mood-enhancing, very
        multi-level (body-mind-spirit) energizing. Non-invasive!!! Just a little
        &#147;Row" is <BR>
        all you need..3 dry oz. bottle (well over 600 servings) <BR>
        (includes glass snooter)</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><I><U>Ingredients:</U></I></B></FONT> <B>Indian
        L. (Malva-branca) (unique concentrate containing 0.8% <BR>
        natural, lecularly stable, standardized ephedrine alkoloids; 8 mg. per gram),
        rare Chinese Chai Hu concentrate & Ye Jiao Teng concentrate & Yuan
        Zhi <BR>
        concentrate and L-Carnosine. </B>
        <FONT COLOR="#8000ff"><B><BIG>Extravaganza INTRO
        OFFER*</BIG></B></FONT><B>&#133;.Everything Above
        for&#133;..</B><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BR>
        $210.00</B></FONT><B>&#133;.(Reg. Price.$480.00)</B>
        <FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><FONT COLOR="#8000ff"><B><BIG>Smoka
        INTRO OFFER*</BIG></B></FONT></FONT>... <B>1 oz Chen Chen Herba, 2 oz brick
        of Tonga Tai</B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BR>
        $140.00 </B></FONT><B>... (Reg. Price $190.00)</B><BR>
        *Includes Pipe and personal brass
        huuka<FONT COLOR="#000000"><B><FONT COLOR="#000000"><B><BR>
<P ALIGN=Center>
      <TD><P ALIGN=Center>
        <FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"> <B><BIG>TO ORDER / MORE INFO
        call</BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000"><FONT COLOR="#ffff00"><B><BIG>
        </BIG></B><FONT COLOR="#0000ff"><B><BIG><I><U>719-661-3442</U></I></BIG></B></FONT><B><BIG>
        </BIG></B></FONT><B><BIG>during normal <BR>
        business hours. <BR>
        All orders shipped next day via U.S. Priority Mail. <BR>
        Please add $7.00 S&H to all orders.
        </BIG></B></FONT><FONT COLOR="#ffff00"><FONT COLOR="#ff0000"><B><BIG><BR>
        </BIG></B></FONT></FONT><B><BIG><I>All credit cards accepted.
<P ALIGN=Center>
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