602-230-4252_0005 - 2003-01-30 university diplomas - 1-602-230-4252
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602-230-4252_0005 - 2003-01-30 university diplomas - 1-602-230-4252
Return-Path: <Terinakpqh@jmail.co.jp>
Received: from fkxbkeh ([])
        by www.munged.ext (8.11.6/8.11.6) with SMTP id h0U6mWq10282
        for <chien@munged.ext>; Thu, 30 Jan 2003 01:48:35 -0500
Message-Id: <200301300648.h0U6mWq10282@www.munged.ext>
From: Marilyn Akers <Terinakpqh@jmail.co.jp>
Subject: Propel Your Future chien     
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 01:49:35 -0500

Hi , chien<br>
YOUR DE<!--chien-->GREE M<!--chien-->AY B<!--chien-->E CL<!--chien-->OS<!--chien-->ER TH<!--chien-->AN YO<!--chien-->U THI<!--chien-->NK<br>
We remove the obstacles that cause adults to abandon hope.<br>
DID YOU KNOW that you could earn your legitimate Asso<!--chien-->ciate's, Bach<!--chien-->elor's, Mas<!--chien-->ter's or even<br> Doct<!--chien-->orate degree, utilizing your already existing professional or ac<!--chien-->ademic expertise?<br> 
Prepare for the prof<!--chien-->essional advancement you deserve<br>
If you are an ad<!--chien-->ult with a hi<!--chien-->gh sch<!--chien-->ool dipl<!--chien-->oma and have a minimum of three years of experience<br> in the field you are seeking a de<!--chien-->gree in, YOU QUA<!--chien-->LIFY.<br>

As you know, emp<!--chien-->loyers continually hire, promote and give raises to new employees that have<br> ZE<!--chien-->RO skills or experience, just because they have that piece of paper.<br>
Take part in the wea<!--chien-->lth now!   Within days you can apply for that unreachable job, or show your<br> deg<!--chien-->ree to your empl<!--chien-->oyer and demand the raise and promotion that your kno<!--chien-->wledge and skills des<!--chien-->erve.<br>
How does this work?  You gra<!--chien-->duate without att<!--chien-->ending clas&ses, or taking a leave of absence from<br> your current job.  You receive you de<!--chien-->gree based on life and work experience!<br>
The de<!--chien-->gree earned by our students enables them to qualify for career advancement and personal<br> growth, while breaking down the wall that prevents them from receiving bi<!--chien-->g mon<!--chien-->ey.<br>
Degr<!--chien-->ee verif<!--chien-->ication and offi<!--chien-->cial tra<!--chien-->nscripts will be provided in writing when requested by<br> employers and others authorized by the grad<!--chien-->uate. Our coll<!--chien-->ege & Uni<!--chien-->versity transc<!--chien-->ripts meet the<br> highest acad<!--chien-->emic standards. Our Univ<!--chien-->ers<!--chien-->ity issues a d<!--chien-->egre<!--chien-->e prin<!--chien-->ted on pre<!--chien-->mium di<!--chien-->pl<!--chien-->oma<br> paper, bearing an of<!--chien-->fic<!--chien-->ial gol<!--chien-->d ra<!--chien-->is<!--chien-->ed col<!--chien-->le<!--chien-->ge se<!--chien-->al.<br>
No one is tu<!--chien-->rned do<!--chien-->wn.<br>
Con<!--chien-->fide<!--chien-->ntiality a<!--chien-->ss<!--chien-->ured.<br>
CALL 1-6<!--chien-->02-2<!--chien-->3<!--chien-->0-42<!--chien-->52
Call 2<!--chien-->4 hou<!--chien-->rs a da<!--chien-->y, 7 da<!--chien-->ys a wee<!--chien-->k, incl<!--chien-->uding<br>
Su<!--chien-->nd<!--chien-->ays and ho<!--chien-->lid<!--chien-->ays.<br>

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