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Stupid spam

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From: "Earl Wells" <fnb3nh@lusoweb.pt>
Subject: Try This Investigation Software!TKTTJGSRAETP
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 21:04:32 -1700
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<body link=3D#333399>
<font face=3D"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=3D3>
<center><b><font size=3D"5" color=3D#CC0066>Astounding
New Software Lets You Find<br>
Out Almost Anything About Anyone</font></b><br>
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</b><font color=3D#333399 size=3D4><b><a
<br><font size=3D"1" color=3D"#333333">(This
make take a few moments to load - please be patient)</font><br>
Find out <b>everything</b> you ever wanted to know about:
<li>your friends</li>
<li>your family</li>
<li>your enemies</li>
<li>your employees</li>
<li>yourself - Is Someone Using Your Identity?</li>
<li>even your boss!</li>
<b>Did you know</b> that you can search for
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This <b>mammoth collection</b> of Internet investigative tools & research
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<font color=3D"#000080"><b><ul>
<li>people you trust, people you work with</li>
<li>screen new tenants, roommates, nannys, housekeepers</li>
<li>current or past employment</li>
<li>license plate numbers, court records, even your FBI file</li>
<li>unlisted & reverse phone number lookup</li>
<center><b><font color=3D#CC0066>Click
here: </font><font color=3D#333399><a
<blockquote><font size=3D"2"><b>
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> Dig up information on your FRIENDS, NEIGHBO=
RS, or BOSS!<br>
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> Locate transcripts and COURT ORDERS from al=
l 50 states.<br>
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> CLOAK your EMAIL so your true address can't=
 be discovered.<br>
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> Find out how much ALIMONY your neighbor is =
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> Discover how to check your phones for WIRET=
<font color=3D#CC0066>o</font> <i>Or check yourself out</i>--you may be sh=
ocked at what you find!!<br>
</blockquote><center><font size=3D4 color=3D#333399><b><i>These
are only a few things<br>
that you can do with this software...</i></b></font></center><br>
To download this software,</b> and have it in less than 5 minutes, click &=
 visit our website:</font><br>
<center><b><font color=3D#CC0066>Click
here: </font><font color=3D#333399><a
</center><br><hr size=3D1 width=3D60%>
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and honor all requests to stop further e-mails.</b><small>
To stop future messages, do <b>NOT</b> hit reply. Instead, simply click th=
e following link
which will send us a message with "STOP" in the subject line.
Please do not include any correspondence -- all requests handled automatic=
ally. :)</small></font><br>
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Here to Stop Further Messages]</a></center><br>
<font size=3D"1" color=3D"#666666"><b>
Thank you!</b> Copyright © 2002, all rights reserved.</font>



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