biomedical-market-news.com_0001 - 2005-05-09 utterly insulting disclaimer
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biomedical-market-news.com_0001 - 2005-05-09 utterly insulting disclaimer
We just received on of the most insulting spams ever. Biomedical Market Newsletter apparently bulk emails medicine-related newsletters to unconfirmed non-optin lists. They claim it is not advertising since the emails are "paid announcements", but then go on to push their own services as well. How is this not advertising? But, the icing on the cake is their disclaimer paragraph. Please read and laugh ...

So now, by not deleting our addresses from the drivel that THEY decided to send to us unsolicited, we now have an ongoing business relationship? Legal or not, this is just way too over the top. This is a company guaranteed to anger and annoy recipients. All of their clients will also suffer being tarnished (or worse) by association. This is definately a company to avoid and block in any way possible.

Here is the entire email for your amusement:

Useful contact information from their website includes toll free numbers:

The domain name they use for sending is If anyone from this organization should happen to read this article, please note and remember this: We don't care if your spam is legal. If it is, it's legal spam, unrequested and unwanted. Just because it's CAN-SPAM compliant doesn't make it not spam. toasted spam dot com